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We have previously introduced the eco friendly and sustainable sneakers brand from London – Good News. You will notice they have an exaggerated outsole that is made with recycled rubber. And Hurler 2 Low is the evolved version of the Hurler – with an even more oversized and skateboard shoes like shape.


Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy Brown

Navy Brown


Like Hurler, it feathers an upper with stripe pattern that is made with organic cotton. The most eye-catching part will be the outsole. Unlike other Good News sneakers, it has a brown outdsole.


Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy Brown


The insole has the words “GOOD NEWS” as usual.


Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy Brown


At the back of outsole, it has GOOD NEWS’ logo. And the logo is lifted to prevent it from abrasion.


Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy Brown


Moreover, it has matted eyelets with waxed laces.


Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy Brown


And the Hurler 2 Low has a vulcanized outsole to give you better grip.

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What is Minimalist Fashion?

We love Scandinavian designs and the minimalism involved. But what exactly is minimalist fashion?


There is no a straight guideline to define what exactly it is. The idea is to keep your outfit simple and clean. You will look for outfit that doesn’t has an exaggerated cutting or patterns. However, some may have the perception that minimalist fashion is equal to getting rid of color. But you can actually still be minimal and colorful at the same time. Simply choose color with neutral or softer tone to create a subtle look.


Filippa K Leon Cardigan - Navy

Filippa K Leon Cardigan – Navy


In fact, minimalist fashion is not only about the minimal outlook, but also quality and details of the garment. They have to be fabric that is both sustainable and very comfortable to be carried. Another idea of minimalism is to reduce any waste produced. It takes 2,700 liters of water to grow cotton that is only enough to craft one shirt. And there is a lot of chemical waste produced. Thus, a lot of Scandinavian brand has been using organic cotton instead. More importantly, Minimalist fashion is another word of slow fashion – which means the style of the clothes seldom change. As a result, you don’t have to update your wardrobe every season. Having said that, these clothes also have the quality and capability to withstand time.


Scandinavian Fashion – Filippa K

We have talked about Scandi style sneaker earlier and we will dig deeper into Scandinavian fashion this time. Speaking of that, we have to mention Filippa K. Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg founded the brand in 1993. Their interpretation of fashion was wearable, aesthetically balanced pieces which can stand the test of time – effortless, essential garments. Hence, their design is clean with high quality. And it becomes a very popular brand in Nordic countries. Filippa K helped to define minimalism and bring it into Scandinavian fashion.

Lifestyle Mobile

Scandinavian fashion is not only about the beauty of minimal design. A garment has to be personal and long lasting. In an other word, you will get along with your clothes better as you wear them and they also have the quality to stand against time. As a result, Scandinavian fashion is “timelessness”. Both in terms of designs and quality. This is exactly why Filippa K promotes the idea of slow fashion, as the seldom change the styles of design. And they hope consumer will wear them for a longer time and produce less waste. 

Filippa K Oliver Cotton Jacket - Platoon

These minimal designs are sustainable as they have organic and quality fabric. Filippa K visits these factories from time to time to make sure they are up to standard and the employees are being treated fairly.

Filippa K Desktop SquareNot to mention their sneakers, they have comfortable insoles with premium sustainable leather. 

Want to see more from Filippa K? More AW19 collections will be available online at ANDJOY soon.

Sustainable Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are one of the most popular type of shoes. It has a very basic look which is easy to match. Unlike leather, canvas is also easy to take care of. Thus, they are so popular that you can find various of canvas shoes in the market. But at ANDJOY, we also care about products’ sustainability. Thus, we would like a pair of canvas shoes that are eco friendly and sustainable. In the previous articles, we talked about Good News sneakers. Today, we will discover more about their canvas shoes collections.


Sustainable Material

The canvas fabric is usually made with cotton or linen. They are extremely durable because the fabric is tightly woven. For Good News sneakers, the canvas is made with organic cotton. If you want to know more about organic cotton and why they are eco friendly, don’t forget to check out our Organic Cotton 101.

Good News Hurler Low Sneaker - Navy Brown

Hurler Low Sneaker – Navy Brown

The outsole is actually recycled rubber. These rubber come from used tires and shoes. They have an exaggerating look and if you flip it around, you will find there are pattern on the sole for better grip.

Good News Hurler Low Sneaker - Navy Brown


Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - White

Bagger Low Sneaker – White

Bagger Low sneaker has very similar designs as the Hurler low sneakers. The main difference will be the color. Hurler sneakers usually have sharper color and patterns while bagger sneakers have a more minimal and basic outlook.

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - White

Furthermore, the removable insole is actually a mixture of bio-oil and recycled rubber, which gives it a very thick cushion and remain sustainable.

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - White

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Black

Bagger Low Sneaker – Black

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Black

You can see the lining much clearly on the black one because of the contrast in color. It is worth mentioning that even the lining is made of 100% organic cotton. It makes Good News a true sustainable canvas shoes.


More than that, Good News also care about their social responsibility and participate in different charity work. Head to our previous blog to find out more!

Unisex Clothing – Bringing Equality into Fashion

Unisex clothing may not be something new but it’s definitely something that’s gaining attention. Even big names such as Selfridges, Zara and H&M are developing unisex clothing. And it even gains a place in high street fashion as well. Traditionally, there’s a perception on how man or woman should be dressed. However, with the raising awareness of gender equality, the boundary between menswear and womenswear appear to be blurred. And it is suggested that we should be free from judgement and fashion is simply about self-expression.

Unisex Clothing

Good News Slider Mobile

Unisex Sustainable Sneakers – Good News

The word unisex clothing has defined itself. It refers to clothes that are created without a specific gender in mind. Both male and female can wear them comfortably. Thus, gender should not be a concern for you when you are choosing these clothes. In fact, unisex clothing usually takes a more relaxed fit to compensate the difference in shape between men and woman body. And the trend of oversized clothing has helped.


Moreover, you will find unisex clothing more popular among eco brands. These brands try to stay sustainable and encourage consumers to adapt to slow fashion. Unisex clothing has the advantage of bringing less variations in products. And in terms of production, less variation means less waste.

unisex blog 2

Sources from Kuro Instagram

Kuro is a Japanese clothing brand, which has a denim line and a K line. Each of them have different aims. The first one is about denim products while the other one is about unisex clothing.

unisex blog

Sources from forét Instagram

forét is an eco fashion brand from Copenhagen. It’s about the co-founders’ childhood adventures. At the same time, it also encourages slow fashion and sustainability. Thus they use organic cotton to craft their products and use recyclable material to make their packing. Furthermore, it emphasizes its products are all unisex.

At Andjoy Store, you will be able to find different unisex clothing brand. Step away from the boundary and shop your favourite clothes online now.

Good News London – Sustainable Sneakers

Many has raised concern on products’ sustainability, even for fashion, that’s why we will talk about the sustainable sneaker from London – Good News. They produce sustainable sneakers and take up social responsibility – such as fair trade, produce shoes with left over materials and donate to people in need and raise fund for children in poverty.


Their sustainable sneakers are made of organic cotton, recycled rubber, a bouncy cushioned footbed and matted eyelets. You can also find more details from our previous blog. Today, we will talk about the material they use in further details and use their most popular model as a showcase – the Bagger 2 Low.

Upper and Outsole

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White

Off WhiteGood News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black


First of all, the upper and lining of the sneakers are made of organic cotton. They are all produced without the use of toxins, pesticides, chemical fertilizers nor GMO seeds.


And probably you will be attracted by the exaggerated outsole. This rubber outsole is made of recycled rubber. These rubber come from used car tires and old shoes. It gives these abandoned rubber a new life and the factory process these rubber in a non-toxic way to give them the max softness – to bring you the greatest comfort.

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black

The outsole is vulcanized to give you better grip.


sustainable sneakers sustainable sneakers

And what’s complete it as a sustainable sneakers is its insole. Normally, insole is made of Polyurethane foams that contains petroleum. As an eco-friendly brand, Good News replaces it with their own recipe. Good News has invented their own footbed – Airfoam ECO 20. It contains bio-oil and recycled rubber. Th bio-oil is extracted from Castor beans. As a result, this insole is not only environmental friendly, but also very bouncy and serve as a good cushion.

Getting Better as it Ages

sustainable sneakers

This Bagger 2 low sneakers has been worn for a while and it gives me great comfort as a daily kick. Thanks to its huge soft rubber outsole and the bouncy insole.

bagger 2 low sneakers bagger 2 low sneakers

Moreover, the patch at the back is lifted up a bit to prevent it from contact with the ground. Thus, it is more durable. You might notice that the word “GOOD NEWS” is in the same patch, while the older generation have “GOOD” and “NEWS” separated into the patches on the left and right foot.


A sustainable sneakers is not only about its material but also its long lasting. Good News sneakers are very durable and they seldom change the style. In fact, I love the sneakers more as I wear it. It has become a reflection of my characteristic and styles.

Editor’s Picks – WANT Les Essentiels Montoro High Derby Boot

In the last article we talked about the Derby shoes from WANT Les Essentiels, and we will talk about their Derby boot this time.

WANT Les Essentiels Montoro High Derby Boot - Black


The Montoro Derby boot has the same design concept as the Montoro Derby shoes. They are made with the same premium material and “open lacing”, which mean they are both comfortable and durable. The upper and lining are 100% calf leather and the insole features a mixture of leather and foam.


WANT Les Essentiels Montoro High Derby Boot - Black

The derby boot also features WANT les Essentiels high performance midsole for extra comfort and cushioning. WANT Les Essentiels Montoro High Derby Boot - Black

Furthermore, apart from shoelaces, it also uses a zip closure at the back. And it is WANT les Essentiels signature two tones zippers (one teeth row in gold and one in silver).

WANT Les Essentiels Montoro High Derby Boot - Black

Also, the shoelaces are waxed and the top pairs of eyelets are also in contrasting silver and gold.

Cotton Twill Pants from Filippa K

This time, we will talk about the cotton twill pants from Filippa K, a famous Scandinavian brand. But first of all, do you know what is a cotton twill pants? Like its name, it mixes cotton with other fabrics. And for Filippa K, they chose elastine. The mixture of cotton and elastine gives this pants feels like a stretch pants, but in a smart causal style. It matches the designs from Filippa K – clean and minimal.


It’s more than that because it is also sustainable. Filippa K has made this cotton twill pants able to be worn for a long time and they seldom change the designs of the pants. As a result, they won’t go out of style. Furthermore, Filippa K also let you know exactly where they are produced in Portugal – a factory called Canto Novo with 66 employees. Filippa K team has visited the factory in person to make sure they bring minimal harm to the environment and employees are being treated fairly along the production process.

Filippa K Penn Cotton Twill Chino - Platoon


Filippa K Penn Cotton Twill Chino - Khaki



Filippa K Penn Cotton Twill Chino - Platoon

The cotton twill pants are available in platoon (a soft green color) and Khaki. It has a relaxed thigh for comfort. It also has an regular waistband, a hidden coin pocket, two side pockets and a single back pocket.

Filippa K Penn Cotton Twill Chino - Platoon

The cotton twill pants feature a fabric that is smooth and flexible.

Filippa K Penn Cotton Twill Chino - Khaki

Furthermore, it uses renewable resource corozo nut buttons, which is beautiful and environmental friendly.

Filippa K Penn Cotton Twill Chino - Platoon

Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Platoon


Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Khaki


Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Platoon

The same color and material also applies to Filippa K shorts. To give you a more relaxed fitting in Summer, it uses elastic waistband.

Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Khaki

Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Khaki

Filippa K Oliver Cotton Jacket - Platoon Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Khaki Filippa K

Nothing is easier to match than a neat cotton twill pants or shorts.


Interested in Filippa K? Don’t forget to read our previous article to know more about the Scandinavian sustainable clothing!


Editor’s Picks – NN07 Marco Chino

NN07 Marco Chino is . NN07 is a Danish brand that strive to produce clothing that stands against time and remain sustainable. And they always have two collections – Seasonal and the Core. As for seasonal collection, they change every season. It could be different color and pattern with seasonal vibe. When it comes to Core, the style never change, the Marco Chino is one of them.

NN07 Marco 1200 - Navy Blue


NN07 Marco 1200 - Khaki


NN07 Marco 1200 - Khaki

The Marco Chino uses Italian stretch cotton. Thus, it is stretchable and is also breathable. It has a NN07 branded button closure.

NN07 Marco 1200 - Navy Blue

The Marco Chino is zip fly. And it also comes with a wooden inner button – just like a classic chino.

NN07 Marco 1200 - Khaki

Its stretch-ability allows you to wear it comfortably even it is slim cut. And you can roll up the edge to get a neat look.


NN07 Marco 1200 - Navy Blue

NN07 Marco 1200 - Khaki

The right back pocket also has a small logo of NN07.

And NN07 collections are now under Summer Sale! Don’t miss your chance to get them with discount up to 50% Off!

If you are interested in NN07, go to our previous article to know more about their products!


Hot Sale Item – Filippa K Sneaker

If you are looking for a pair of kicks with minimal designs, Filippa K sneaker is one of your best choices. It has a clean design and is made of premium material. With Filippa K’s thickened removable insole, they are also very comfortable to wear with.


If you are not familiar about Filippa K, they are one of Swedish leading fashion brands. It is famous for its minimal design – which is timeless and never gets old. On the other hand, they also care about the environment so they strive to make their products sustainable. These include fair trade, using organic material, reduce waste and even recycle used clothing. If you would like to know more, head back to our previous article for more details!

Filippa K Sneakers

Limestone/Navy/White Mix

This Filippa K sneaker is made in Portugal. Filippa K has been working with the factory for a while to manufacture their products. Also, the idea of this sneaker comes from vintage basketball low top sneakers.

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker - Limestone/Navy/White Mix

The upper features calf leather and is made with tumbled cow nappa. Moreover, it has 3 cm sole height. The lining and the way the shape they combine the leather is a signature of this sneaker. It forms a unique pattern that is recognizable. And this soft limestone/navy mix color has strengthened the pattern even more.

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker Limestone-Navy-White Mix

This Filippa K sneaker also has perforated toe vamp for better breathing.

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker - Limestone/Navy/White Mix

Furthermore, it comes with Filippa K’s removable insole. It make the sneaker more comfortable. And you can remove it and change to any insole you prefer if needed.

Filippa K Sneakers


It is also available in white – the classic color. It comes with a beige leather patch at the back.

And these sneakers are now in summer sale! And don’t forget to check out other sneakers from Filippa K as well.