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Scandinavian Fashion – Filippa K

We have talked about Scandi style sneaker earlier and we will dig deeper into Scandinavian fashion this time. Speaking of that, we have to mention Filippa K. Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg founded the brand in 1993. Their interpretation of fashion was wearable, aesthetically balanced pieces which can stand the test of time – effortless, essential garments. Hence, their design is clean with high quality. And it becomes a very popular brand in Nordic countries. Filippa K helped to define minimalism and bring it into Scandinavian fashion.

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Scandinavian fashion is not only about the beauty of minimal design. A garment has to be personal and long lasting. In an other word, you will get along with your clothes better as you wear them and they also have the quality to stand against time. As a result, Scandinavian fashion is “timelessness”. Both in terms of designs and quality. This is exactly why Filippa K promotes the idea of slow fashion, as the seldom change the styles of design. And they hope consumer will wear them for a longer time and produce less waste. 

Filippa K Oliver Cotton Jacket - Platoon

These minimal designs are sustainable as they have organic and quality fabric. Filippa K visits these factories from time to time to make sure they are up to standard and the employees are being treated fairly.

Filippa K Desktop SquareNot to mention their sneakers, they have comfortable insoles with premium sustainable leather. 

Want to see more from Filippa K? More AW19 collections will be available online at ANDJOY soon.

Special Fabrics from Japan – Monitaly x Minami Shoten

Monitaly x Minami Shoten has been working together on a serious of collections since SS19. Minami Shoten is Monitaly’s partner company in Japan. They are located in Osaka and they are specialized in processing special fabric and garments.

Monitaly x Minami Shoten

Photo Source: Monitaly

In their first collaboration in SS19, Monitaly x Minami Shoten has launched a collection of jacquard fabric tees. All the process from sourcing the fabrics to sewing the garments are done in the factory of Minami Shoten. Thus, Monitaly is proud to say that the products are completely made in Osaka, Japan.

Monitaly Shaggy Tyrolean Jacket - Solid Navy

When it comes to this AW19 collection, Monitaly x Minami Shoten brings us the shaggy fabrics.

Monitaly Shaggy Crewneck Pullover - Solid Navy

These shaggy jackets and pullovers are extremely smooth and comfortable. There are smooth shaggy fabric with a hairy touch on the outer layer while it has a soft cotton touch in the inside. Thus, the hairy fabric will not irritate your skin when you wear it.

Monitaly Shaggy Crewneck Pullover - Solid Navy

Furthermore, there are quite a few details on the jacket as well. It has two hand pockets with a small change pocket. There are also bronze button with a Teddy bear on it, with a slogan of “Will you be my Teddy bear”.

Monitaly Shaggy Tyrolean Jacket - Solid Navy

Monitaly Shaggy Tyrolean Jacket - Solid Navy

In next year’s SS20 collection, there will be more Monitaly x Minami Shoten products. Of course, they are all made in Japan with specially patterned fabrics.


Feeling interested in Monitaly? Head to our previous blog to know more about its classic designs.

Available Online Now – Good News Sneakers

Good News Sneakers are now available at ANDJOY Store. Good News was founded in London in 2016. It has a simple idea – to promote a healthy planet. They have a motto of “To give back, one step at a time”.


good news sneakers


In fact, Good News sneakers are all sustainable. It is because they are both environmental and social friendly.


good news sneakers



In terms of material, Good News sneakers are made of recycled rubber, organic cotton and eco-lite material. However, they have taken a step further and take the responsibility to their production chain. They strive their best to reduce pollution, carbon and water footprint. They also adopt fair trade to make sure people work for them are being treated fairly.


For packing, the shoes box is made of 100% recycled cardboard. As Good News believed every box deserves a second chance.


Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White
Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker – Off White

Good News sneakers have a minimal design with their signature thick mid-sole. It serves as a great cushion together with the eco-lite footbed. The outsole is also vulcanized to give you better traction.


Shop Good News latest collection at ANDJOY now! And don’t forget to check out other brands that are coming to ANDJOY soon.

Editor’s Picks – Drop Crotch Pants from Monitaly

A drop crotch pants can be an alternative for you in the Summer if you think it’s too hot to wear pants or trousers. This season, we have a quality drop crotch pants from Monitaly. Mr. Yuki Matsuda founded the brand and revitalized traditional American casual wear with new fabrics and tech. You can trace back to our earlier article to know more about the brand.

Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Stripe


Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Navy


The drop crotch pants are available in navy and stripe. It features a more relax style. It has a higher rise and you can wear them comfortably in Summer as they keep you cool. They are also made with 100% linen, which means they are very “breathable”. One special feature about Monitaly’s linen is they are densely woven in the U.S.A. It means they have very light weight and a soft touch.


Mr. Matsuda thinks the drop crotch pants lay the foundation for a relax-yet-creative look. They have an easy-going silhouette with large double pleats and a diamond-shape gusset on crotch for easy movement.  They are perfect for a comfortable fit and versatile styling to blend in the modern, casual lifestyle.

Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Stripe

Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Stripe


Also if you take a closer look, the drop crotch pants have self drawstring waist closure with zip fly and military-standard melamine buttons.


Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Navy


Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Navy


Besides, The drop crotch pants have two different back pockets and two side pockets.




Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Navy

Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants - Lt Linen Stripe


Also, it’s easy to mix and match as they feature a more relax style. You can simply tuck your shirt in. Furthermore, you can show a bit of your skin by wearing a sandals or roll up the hem for a sleek look.


Enjoy it with our sale price now! And don’t forget to take a more detailed look about other products from Monitaly.

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants is inspired by military Gurkha pants. Speaking of Gurkha pants, they actually come from an elite soldier unit “Gurkha”, from the Kingdom of Gorkah. They fight against the East Indian Company in 1814 even though they were out numbered and were in poor circumstances.


Nowadays, you will find Gurkha pants in all shape but they always have double pleats with a buckling system that involve both sides.

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - Khaki

Kuro has combined this tradition with latest technology. The Gurkha pants are in relaxed fit with tapered leg. The high waist also gives it a more solid military look.

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - Khaki

Furthermore, the fabrics has been applied with NIDOM technique for softening. You will find the pants are rigid, yet very soft and light to wear with.

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - Black

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - Khaki

Also, It has two different pockets at the back. One of them is with button while the other one isn’t.


Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - BlackKuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - Black

And of course, like all Kuro’s collections, they are made in Japan.


Shop the Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants at ANDJOY now! Two colours available:

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - Khaki


Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Gurkha Pants - Black



The history of the vintage denim brand Stevenson can be dated back to the 1920s. The brand was originally set up in Portland, Indiana.

Stevenson Overall Co. was then relaunched by Mr Atsusuke Tagaya and Mr Zip Stevenson. They share the same passion and love in vintage denim and leather products. They try to preserve the traditions of the brand and insist to use the flat fell seams method to craft their jeans. This handcrafted method is a salute to the traditional way of making jeans. Besides, it also makes your jeans more durable and withstand challenges over time.

Stevenson Overall Co. Jackets

Stevenson Overall Co. has also extended the traditional by representing other vintage style such as jackets and shirts. These vintage clothing has been given their rebirth with the hybrid of transitional craftsmanship and a modern touch.
ANDJOY Store has become a stockist of Stevenson Overall Co. If you are a vintage clothing lover, subscribe now and stay tuned to Stevenson’s AW18 collections, which will be online on ANDJOY Store soon!

UPCOMING – forét

We are now introducing you another Scandinavian brand forét, which is from Copenhagen, Denmark! forét was founded in 2014 by Jeppe and Jesper, two childhood friends.

The name forét is actually a French word which means forest. This name suits forét’s designs very well since they use a lot of Earth tone on their clothes, which has a strong feeling of nature. Indeed, this is the message Jeppe and Jasper would like to deliver – try to slow down your pace, stay away from the internet and go explore the nature with your own eyes.

forét lifestyle

We love forét also because of the quality of the clothes. They have a Scandinavian clean touch and also crafted with excellent fabrics, including organic cottons that meet with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). You will find their signature T-Shirts and Hoodies with forét ‘s logo crafted in terrycloth, which makes it very special and eye catching.
We would very much like to share forét excellent collections with you.ANDJOY Store is proud to announce that we have become forét’s first Asian stockist. You will find forét 2018 winter fall collections available on ANDJOY Store very soon! Subscribe now and be the first one to enjoy forét’s way of life!


Riot Division is a techwear brand from Kiev, Ukraine. They have developed clothing with a great extent of functionality, especially their city jacket.

Riot Division Wrapping Parka 3 Gen - Black

Riot Division Wrapping Parka 3 Gen - Black

Riot Division Wrapping Parka 3 Gen - Black

One of Riot Division’s signature products will be their transformable jackets. Designed for being used in the city, these jackets can transform into different forms according to the users’ needs. For example,you can wear Riot Divisoin’s wrapping parka 3 gen as a parka, or you can turn it into a normal jacket or into a messenger bag. Apart from the transformability, these jackets are also made with water proof fabrics and you will also find a lot of pockets for you to put your wallets, smart phones and cards.

Recently, Riot Division has taken their idea one step further and developed the “Ultimate City Jacket”. Apart from the transformability, the sleeves are also “adaptable”. It means you can adjust the sleeves width accordingly. Furthermore, they have taken more consideration for city use and have equipped the jackets with built in wallet for cash and cards. Besides, it also has more than 10 pockets for you to store your personal belonging. With this Ultimate City Jacket, you can travel around your own city “bags free” every day.
ANDJOY Store is now a stockist of Riot Division. Their collections will be available on ANDJOY Store soon and the Ultimate City Jacket is estimated to be online in late August. Subscribe now and keep updated.


If you are a skateboarding fan, then you will probably heard of Polar Skate Co. It’s a Scandinavian skateboarding brand started by professional skateboarder Pontus Alv in Sweden in 2011.
Polar Skate Co not only sells skateboard decks but also apparel goods like caps, T-shirts and Jeans. They have transformed their skateboarding styles into fashion and created a fusion of these two elements. You will find Polar Skate Co’s collections in very energetic color tones and graphic prints. More interestingly, Polar Skate Co reflects their team skateboarder styles and characteristics into their collections. These collections have made Polar Skate Co not only favored by skateboarding fans, but also fashion lovers. As they can be worn comfortably and fashionably as your daily outfit.
Starting from the AW18 season, ANDJOY Store will be a stockist of Polar Skate Co, featuring some of their signature collections such as the 93 cords pants, ripstop anorak jackets, graphic tees, hoodies, caps and the famous happy sad socks. Subscribe now and stay tuned for Polar Skate Co’s latest drops!


ANDJOY has become a stockist of WANT Les Essentiels. It is a Canadian luxury brand which manufactures quality bags, shoes and other travel accessories.

WANT les Essentiels details

Launched in 2006, WANT Les Essentiels has been working on bags and accessories. They have modern designs and premium materials that will fit your daily use or for traveling. WANT Les Essentiels products are heavily inspired by visionary architecture and designs. It allows them to create bags and accessories with long lasting designs that can stand over decades.
WANT les essentiels two tones zipper
WANT Les Essentiels also pay attention to craftsmanship. All of their bags have two tones zippers (one teeth row in gold and one in silver). All the zippers are from famous Japanese zipper producer YKK. Also, WANT Les Essentiels insist to use quality materials such as 100% organic cotton that is sourced from the best Turkish mills. And they also use organic or biodegradable dye to make sure their products are sustainable.
Starting from the AW18 season, you can find WANT Les Essentiels classic collection such as their Kastrup backback, Ohare tote bag, Montoro derby shoes and boots on ANDJOY Store. We will provide you with more in-depth products introduction soon. Subscribe now and stay tuned!

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