Cuban collar shirt is a kind of Summer shirt. You may also heard about it as camp, cabana, or revere collar shirt. They usually have open-collar and a boxy hem with relaxed silhouette.


Cuban collar shirt first appeared in the 1800’s in South America. They were uniform for the working-class. Its open-collar design cope better with heat and allow them to move flexibly when they work. Time after time, it has evolved from uniform to a fashion trend because of its relaxed outlook and comfort.

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - True Blue

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt


In the 1950’s, clothing stores sold shirts with different neck size – it was how shirts were measured. Yet, with the appearance of Cuban collar shirt and other open collar shirt, neck size become a less relevant measurement. That’s why you now find a lot of shirts are measured with chest size.


NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - Olive

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt


When you wear a Cuban collar shirt, we suggest to take a more causal approach. Simply pair it with shorts or trousers with neutral color tone. As they do not have a collar bend and feature an open-collar, we don’t wear them with tie.


Filippa K

Filippa K Don Washed Poplin Shirt


Now, Cuban collar shirt appear in different forms. You can find them in long sleeves, tapered fit or even a smart causal outlook. You can easily find them in different fabrics like silk, cotton and linen. Some even put bold pattern and print on the shirt to give them stronger Summer vibe.


Filippa K Jean-Paul Linen Shirt - Ink Grey 9

Jean-Paul Linen Shirt


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