The name “KAPITAL” comes from Kojima, Okayama, which is also the ‘Denim Capital’ of Japan. KAPITAL is actually the brainchild of a father and son – Mr. Toshiyoko and Mr. Kiro. They mainly focus on American vintage style and the quality of the products. And they have the belief to pursue quality of production, not marketing. As a result, “KAPITAL” has become a synonym of quality denim.
kapital timout
Photo Source: Timeout
Their signature design is using mid-century American heritage production techniques to create denim and workwear.
kapital jacket
Photo Source: Mr porter
On the other hand, they combine these denim with patch work that features Japanese traditional culture. Moreover, they make them unique by injecting Japanese style blue colors.
kapital jeans
Photo Source: Heddels
KAPITAL’s jeans are also their most popular products. Especially the quality raw denim with beautiful stitching and a vintage leather patch.
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