News – Mastermind JAPAN x A BATHING APE

Mastermind JAPAN x A BATHING APE has released the new SS20 collection. It includes co-branded crewnecks, T-shirts, sweatpants, caps and more.

mastermind JAPAN x A BATHING APE


Photo source: mastermind vs a bathing ape


The sweater features Bape’s classic camo pattern. And it has both brands’ logos on the chest in white.

mastermind JAPAN x A BATHING APE 3Photo source: mastermind vs a bathing ape


Although the tees are in plain black color, the logo are printed multicolor.

mastermind JAPAN x A BATHING APE 2

Photo source from mastermind vs a bathing ape

For the pants, they are in grey camo print while the logos are on the back pocket.

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News – Clarks x NEIGHBORHOOD

After the collection with UGG, NEIGHBORHOOD has announced the new Clarks x NEIGHBORHOOD collections. Although we do not have much news on the collection yet. But the cooperation between the Japanese street clothing label and the British footwear legend is definitely exciting.



Photo source: NEIGHBORHOOD’s instagram

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News – Disney x Gucci

Disney x Gucci has released a new watches for the New Year of rat. This Gucci Grip watches feature Mickey Mouse print on the steel case and the display is “Amp Meter” like.


Disney x Gucci


The collection features two colors – silver and gold. The watches’s size is 35mm with two windows for displaying hour and minute.


Disney x Gucci 2


Moreover, it is comes with a GG Supreme strap with colourful prints, embroidered patches or jacquard motifs.


Disney x Gucci 3


The watches is Swiss made and come with a 2 years international warranty.

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Sustainable Canvas Shoes for 2020

If you are looking for a pair of canvas shoes that is special, how about one that is sustainable? No doubt sustainable fashion has become a new trend.


Speaking of sustainable sneakers, most will think of Veja. Indeed, they have spent a lot of effort on sourcing the right raw material, factory and to make sure the whole supply chain is sustainable.


Apart from Veja, may be you can also take a look at Good News, which is a new footwear brand from London. They focus on making sustainable canvas shoes. These canvas shoes feature upper, lining and shoes laces that are made of organic cotton.


Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim

Good News Ace Sneaker - Brown Check

Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy


Moreover, the sole is made of recycled tires. These used tires have gone through a series of processes to make sure they are softened. As a result, you get a beautiful and bouncy cushion. As for the insole, they have replaced petroleum with Castor Bean oil. The bio-oil is more environmental friendly and the insole is even more bouncy than the others. And they pay attention to packaging too, the shoes boxes are made of recycled cardboard.


Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Oatmeal Gum Good News Ace Sneaker - Neon Check Good News Ace Sneaker - Navy


And Good News even make use of the waste produced. They have recycled these unused materials during the production process and created sneakers and shoes for children in need.


Indeed, these canvas shoes are the Good News to the environment.



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News – Maison Kitsuné Announces Yuni Ahn’s Departure

The French clothing label Maison Kitsuné has confirmed the departure of its first official creative director, Yuni Ahn. She will leave her current position in 3 seasons.

The South Korean designer was appointed as their creative director in December 2018.  She has guided Maison Kitsuné in a decidedly fashion-forward direction.

Still, Maison Kitsuné will be working with Yuni Ahn to complete their “three-season mission”, which is aimed to build the savoir-faire of the brand, advancing silhouette, quality and details within its new Parisian atelier.

Maison Kitsuné co-founders, Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki said “We want to thank Yuni Ahn for the significant achievements accomplished over the engagement. We are deeply grateful to her for having set the path for our ambitions and will continue building on these foundations to further grow Maison Kitsuné into the independent Paris fashion house we’re aiming to become.”

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News – BAPE x XO

A BATHING APE and has teamed up with the Weeknd for the BAPE x XO capsule collection.


BAPE x The Weeknd

BAPE x The Weeknd 2

BAPE x The Weeknd 3

BAPE x The Weeknd 4


BAPE x The Weeknd 6

BAPE x The Weeknd 7

BAPE x The Weeknd 5

Photo source: BAPE


The BAPE x XO collection includes tee, sweaters, full zip hoodie and sweatpants. The graphic features BABY MILO motif with his two dogs and the SHARK motif.


On the other hand, the denim jacket and athletic jacket come with the two labels’ white embroidery. At the back, it has the word “BATHING APE XO TILL WE OVERDOSE”.


All of them will be released on 11th January 2020.

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News – Off White Lunar New Year Collection

Off White Lunar New Year Collection has been released and its only exclusive on its official website and Farfetch. In this collection, the theme is about the Lunar New Year of rat.


Off White Lunar New Year 2

Photo source: Farfetch


The Lunar New Year collection features the theme of red, black and white colors. The graphic on the hoodie is “chalk drawing” look alike and there is a rat beside Off White’s logo.


Off White Lunar New Year

Photo source: Farfetch


The other hoodie uses Off White signature logo in simple lines and a cartoonized rat face, together with the word “GOOD LUCK”.

Off White Lunar New Year 4

Photo source: Farfetch


The card holder is designed in Italy. And it has the words of “GOOD LUCK”, which appears as a prominent word in the collection.


Off White Lunar New Year 3

Photo source: Farfetch

The Lunar bucket hat also uses red color, which symbolizes good fortune and joy. It is made with cotton and it has a white printed logo at front.

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News – Cav Empt SS20 collection

Cav Empt has released the SS20 lookbook. The contemporary Japanese streetwear label was launched by BAPE lead designer SK8THING.


Cav Empt ss20 3

Photo source: Cav Empt


This collection features bold design with sharo color combination. It includes crewnecks, multi-pocket coats, wide pants, patterned jacket,nylon trousers and more.


Cav Empt ss20 4

Cav Empt ss20 5

Photo source: Cav Empt


This black flight jacket has a vintage silhouette. Yet, it has been applied with special 3M reflective fabric. The pullover and pants are also in dark green, paired with grey stripe.



Cav Empt ss20 6

Photo source: Cav Empt


The pocket coat is filled with graphic print, together with its lime base color. And the whole design is highlighted with the white zipper.

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News – Air Jordan 1 Mid Disco Ball

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is always the one to watch item of Nike. This time, Nike has planned to release the Air Jordan 1 Mid Disco Ball in early 2020 – which turns the classic sneakers into a disco ball.

Photo source: @solebyjc

Photo source: SneakerBarDetroit


Wearing the sneakers bring you back to the 1970s, when disco ball and dance floor was a must in nightlife. The upper of the sneakers is full of ornament encrusted. These shinny leather are all processed with a worn out effect. Look into the sneakers, you will find the pink velvet touch insole – just like the carpet of a classy nightclub.



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News – Adidas x Pokémon

Adidas has released a new collaboration with Pokémon on 1st January 2020. The Adidas x Pokémon collection is inspired by Pokemon’s classic lo-fi 8-bit graphics, which Pokemon was first seen in the first digital game.

adidas x pokemon

Photo source: Adidas


The collection includes t-shirts, pants, shorts and sneakers. You will find Pokemon and Pokeballs in lo-fi 8-bit graphics all over the collections


adidas x pokemon 5

Photo source from Adidas

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