Editor’s Pick – NN07 Oswald Jacket Hybrid Wool

Let us introduce you the Oswald Jacket from NN07. The Oswald Jacket is something you don’t wanna miss in their winter collection. It is a blazer with simple button closure. Yet, it is not a common blazer as it comes with high quality structured boiled wool blend.

NN07 Oswald Jacket Hybrid Wool - Navy Blue

Navy Blue

NN07 Oswald Jacket Hybrid Wool - Antracite Grey Mel.

Antracite Grey Mel.

NN07 Oswald Jacket Hybrid Wool - Navy Blue


What’s special about it is the collarless designs – it allows you to wear it causally or with a smart causal outfit.


NN07 Oswald Jacket Hybrid Wool - Antracite Grey Mel.

It has dual waist pockets and one chest pocket. If you are looking for something unique with a subtle design, the Oswald Jacket is the perfect choice.

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Editor’s Pick – Folk Mixed Yarn Crew

Folk is famous for their sustainable designs with quality fabrics that stand out the crowd. In their FW19 collection, the Mixed Yarn Crew is the ones to watch because it has a unique texture and color.

Folk Mixed Yarn Crew - Caramel Mix

Caramel Mix

Folk Mixed Yarn Crew - Autumnal Mix

Autumnal Mix

Folk Mixed Yarn Crew - Caramel Mix

They feature two choices of color. And each of them is mixed with eight slightly different colors in the same tone. As a result, you have a soft and colorful color combination.

Folk Mixed Yarn Crew - Autumnal Mix

The fabric is mid weight Italian wool blend, which is extremely soft and fluffy. It will keep you warm and comfortable in the winter.

Folk Mixed Yarn Crew - Autumnal Mix


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News – Uniqlo x Engineered Garments

Uniqlo has been actively cooperating with other brands recently. Apart from JW Anderson we have mentioned in the previous article, they have also teamed up with Engineered Garments. The Uniqlo x Engineered Garments collection features some classic Uniqlo items re-fabricated by Engineered Garments, a New York- based contemporary fashion label founded by Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki.


Uniqlo x Engineered Garments2

Uniqlo x Engineered Garments 3

Uniqlo x Engineered Garments 4

Photo source: Uniqlo


Engineered Garments’ designs are all about fabrics. And they have utilized Uniqlo’s products by mixing the fleece and creating patterns to make them one of a kind. And of course, it’s a great opportunity for fans to enjoy Engineered Garments’ designs at reasonable price.  Check out these products at Uniqlo.

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News – VEJA Condor Running Shoes

VEJA Condor Running Shoes is a new collection from the sustainable shoes maker VEJA.


VEJA Condor Running Shoes VEJA Condor Running Shoes VEJA Condor Running Shoes VEJA Condor Running Shoes

Photo source: VEJA


According to VEJA, they spent four years of Research & Development on the Condor and it’s their very first running shoes.


Just like any other VEJA’s products, this sneaker is ecological and they have used a lot of innovative technology on it. The shape is inspired from the bird bone structure of Condor – which it is being named after. The shoes is extremely flexible and light, thus it is effective for running.


In terms of material, the Condor is 53% natural-based and recycled. It mixes innovative fabrics such as the Alveomesh (made of 100% recycled plastic bottles), and natural materials such as Ricinus oil, natural latex, banana oil, sugar cane, rice husk (wastes from the food industry) and wild rubber from the Amazonian forest. More importantly, they are made in Brazil in a factory that respects workers’ rights.



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News – CASIO BABY-G X Pokemon

CASIO BABY-G X Pokemon has launched a new collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of BABY-G.



The watch features a “Pokemon” branded display and the graphic is 8-bit style of the Nintendo Gameboy, which is in memory of the Pokémon Blue Version video games in 1996. The watch has a hidden Pikachu – the back light (front of Pikachu) and engraved at the back of the watch (back of Pikachu).


Photo Source: G-Central

The band is enlightened by a colorful print and the band keeper is complemented by the “0:25” text – which is the Pokédex number of Pikachu and the 25th anniversary of BABY-G.

Photo Source: G-Central


And perhaps the most iconic feature will be the “Poke Ball” watch box.


The official retail price is ¥13,000 (approximately USD 120) and it will be available in November 2019.

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News – Uniqlo x JW Anderson

Uniqlo x JW Anderson has released their first cooperation – with the theme of British classics that is designed for life today.


JW anderson women

Photo Source: Uniqlo


JW Anderson is a British fashion brand founded in 2008 by Jonathan Anderson. They have been actively collaborating with different brands. You may recognize their footwear collections with Converse recently.  And this time with Uniqlo, the collection features outerwear with classy British style. Yet, they are enlightened with latest material.


JW anderson men

Photo Source: Uniqlo

You can buy the collection at Uniqlo.

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News – Shoya Taniguchi ‘Attack on Titan’ Colossal Titan Ring

Shoya Taniguchi, an anime franchise jewelry designer, has just released the limited edition Colossal Titan Ring. The ring features the head of Titan, a famous character from the Japanese anime Attack on Titan.

Shoya Taniguchi - Colossal Titan Ring

Shoya Taniguchi - Colossal Titan Ring Shoya Taniguchi - Colossal Titan Ring

Photo Source: Shoya Taniguchi


Instead of putting the Titan’s head on a ring, the Titan’s head is the ring. It reduces the bulkiness and it looks like you are putting your finger through the Titan’s head.


The retail price is ¥250,000 ( approximately USD 230) and is limited to 20 pieces only. The ring is made from 925 Sterling silver and hand weathered.

Check out the ring at Shoya Taniguchi



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Kuro Corduroy Collections

Kuro corduroy collection is now available online at ANDJOY.  Despite the high quality Dazai corduroy, the collection is still very “Kuro”. They have a relaxed fit / drop shoulder design. And they are enlightened with the soft ivory color.


Kuro Wide Trouser - Ivory

Wide Trouser

Kuro G9 Swing Top Jacket - Ivory

G9 Swing Top Jacket

Kuro Cotton Padding Vest - IvoryCotton Padding Vest

Kuro Cotton Padding Vest - Ivory

The corduroy being used is 5 W, which is higher quality than the normal 15 W corduroy. Thus, it is softer and smoother.


Kuro Cotton Padding Vest - Ivory


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Adidas PHARRELL HU x HUMAN MADE has launched a crossover collection. The Adidas HU line designed by Pharrell Williams was a huge success. HU stands for Health Ultimatum. And it is the message HU line trying to deliver – serve your mind and body while being cool.




Photo Source: HUMAN MADE®


The collection features three different styles of the HU line and they are all in the tone of white and red. The highlights are the sharp heart shape HUMAN MADE embroidery at the front. The retail price is ¥23,000 ( approximately USD210), ¥20,000 ( approximately USD185) and ¥16,000 ( approximately USD150) respectively.


Check out these sneakers at HUMAN MADE.

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END x SOPHNET x Timex – Classic MK1 Military Watch

Three fashion labels –  END x SOPHNET x Timex has come together to work on the Classic MK1 Military Watches. The joint cooperation is to celebrate SOPHNET’s 20th anniversary. The minimal design of the watch is based on the classic design of a MIL-SPEC from 1982.

Buy the watch at END.


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