IKIJI was founded by a group of craftsmen from Japan. Their products combines outstanding skills and high quality fabric. And throughout years, they have built a good network of top-class factories in Japan. Their products include cut & sewn, shirts, leather accessories and denim.


IKIJI craftmanship

Photo source from IKIJI


IKIJI was born in Sumida ward, which is the cradle of Japanese knitting. The county has raised the world renowned ukiyo-e artist Hokusai. After years, the place is still rich in history, tradition, and culture.


ikiji shirts 2

Photo source from IKIJI


From Japanese History, the word ‘iki’ refers to the aesthetic of Edo’s common people. It does not merely refer to visual beauty but a sense of playfulness or even eroticism that can be subtly appreciated among the initiated. Iki can be in diverse ways such as style, behaviour and speech. Therefore, it is a way of being.


ikiji shorts

Photo source from IKIJI


IKIJI’s mission is expressing this Japanese aesthetic of iki in today’s fashion, which considered a difficult challenge in modern style.


IKIJI’s clothing has a minimalist design. Yet, they are made from unique and quality fabric that is nicely sewed. And the silhouette reflects tradition and culture of the Edo’s spirit.

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