Unisex clothing may not be something new but it’s definitely something that’s gaining attention. Even big names such as Selfridges, Zara and H&M are developing unisex clothing. And it even gains a place in high street fashion as well. Traditionally, there’s a perception on how man or woman should be dressed. However, with the raising awareness of gender equality, the boundary between menswear and womenswear appear to be blurred. And it is suggested that we should be free from judgement and fashion is simply about self-expression.

Unisex Clothing

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The word unisex clothing has defined itself. It refers to clothes that are created without a specific gender in mind. Both male and female can wear them comfortably. Thus, gender should not be a concern for you when you are choosing these clothes. In fact, unisex clothing usually takes a more relaxed fit to compensate the difference in shape between men and woman body. And the trend of oversized clothing has helped.


Moreover, you will find unisex clothing more popular among eco brands. These brands try to stay sustainable and encourage consumers to adapt to slow fashion. Unisex clothing has the advantage of bringing less variations in products. And in terms of production, less variation means less waste.

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Sources from Kuro Instagram

Kuro is a Japanese clothing brand, which has a denim line and a K line. Each of them have different aims. The first one is about denim products while the other one is about unisex clothing.

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Sources from forét Instagram

forét is an eco fashion brand from Copenhagen. It’s about the co-founders’ childhood adventures. At the same time, it also encourages slow fashion and sustainability. Thus they use organic cotton to craft their products and use recyclable material to make their packing. Furthermore, it emphasizes its products are all unisex.

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