Oversized clothing appears to be a big fashion trend, despite the fact that we were all craving for skinny pants and jeans during the mid 2000’s. However, the trend of oversized clothing also grow hand in hand with hip-hop fashion and you can find there are more oversized products in the market. They all have an oversized cutting or what we call a relaxed silhouette. A lot of big names are taking the lead to launch oversized clothing, for example, Off White, Maison Margiela and Acne Studio.

Kuro Dyed Wash Tee (Jet) - Beige

When it comes to wearing an oversized clothes, it is not just about buying one or two sizes up. You have to specifically look for those designs with a relaxed silhouette to give you a neat oversized look. The most common design will be a drop shoulder. These designs have a very wide shoulder length that makes it looks like your shoulder is “dropped”.

Monitaly L/S Crew Henley Pullover - Lt Linen Stripe

Having an oversized tops has the benefit of great comfort. The relaxed fitting allow you to move freely. Moreover, not everyone has the shape of a “model”. Thus, the relaxed silhouette can smoothen your shape even if you are a bit skinny or chubby.

Desktop Square Monitaly

Also, it gives people a more relax or casual feeling. And not only pullover or tee, there are also oversized shirts.

Kuro Dolman Sleeve S/S Shirt - Off White

Oversized clothing also varies in different styles, it can be vintage, minimal or street. For example, Monitaly and Kuro combines feature vintage and minimal styles while Polar Skate Co. reflects it in street wear style..

Polar Skate Co. Work Shirt - Black

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