What is organic cotton? Why is it related to you? In this article, we will talk about some basic knowledge about it.


To make it simple, organic cotton refers to cotton that will bring less harm to the environments. It requires an organic production system. It must retain soil fertility without using toxic fertilizer. Furthermore, it must not contain genetically engineered seed for organic farming. When it comes to harvesting, farmers will use natural defoliation method like freezing temperature or water management instead of using toxic chemicals.


As a result, fabrics made with organic cotton are safe to wear as they do not contain toxic chemicals. Also, it makes them softer in texture. And you are also supporting fair trade by using organic cotton as it is required that organic farmers should be working in a safe and non-abusive environment with reasonable living wages.


In fact, there is a rise in the use of organic cotton. According to the survey conducted by Textile Exchange (2016), there is an average 10% yearly increase in production. Also, more than 40% of the surveyed brands choose to use organic cotton or a mix of organic cotton. They also include some of the big names in the market.


As for ANDJOY, we love organic products. Taking the Copenhagen based forét as example, their clothes are made with 100% organic cotton.

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream - Dark Green

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream - Dark Green

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Midnight Blue - Cream

Thus, their clothes have a really soft texture and is very comfortable to wear with.


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