This time, we will talk about Kuro denim jacket. And we will start by an interview from HIGHSNOBIETY, a Japanese media.

Kuro Denim designer Mr. Yabashi Tadashi was recently interviewed together with Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto, who manages a denim processing factory in Kojima, Japan.

They have been working together on Kuro’s denim collections for a long time. As they believe that although there are lots of fabrics to make denim products, different processing method will give a different result.

That’s why Kuro’s denim are all dyed and processed in Kojima, the denim city. As it is their own know-how and pride to craft a good denim. And Kuro denim jacket is definitely the product to claim this statement.

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo


The denim jacket is hand dyed in the factory in Kojima, which gives it a stunning indigo blue. This raw denim will also fade over time as you wear it.


However, what really makes it special is the fabric Kuro chooses – Zimbabwe cotton. Different cotton has different staple length, and the longer is the length, the softer and harrier the fabrics it will produce. Zimbabwe cotton is one of the cotton that has the longest stable length on our planet. Thus, kuro denim jacket is very soft and smooth. However, Zimbabwe cotton is also extremely rare. As they can only be grown by a few number of farmers in South Africa. And they can only harvest by hand every year. As a result, they are not commonly used by denim makers. But obviously, Kuro is not an ordinary denim maker and they never disappoint you.

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - IndigoKuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo


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