Denim outfit is no stranger to you all. Some people loves to wear them as a causal look while some even choose to wear them as a daily wear. It is something so common that you will possibly find one in anyone’s wardrobe. Despite its popularity, each denim outfit has its own story and characteristic. As the more you wear them, they tend to age according to your habit and style. Indeed, many people wear their denim for years and they even love them more and more. Denim outfit are so tough and durable that they can be worn for a very long period of time. It’s also the reason why people like them. However, do you know the history of denim outfit?

History of Denim Outfit

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In the past, jeans are workers uniform. And they were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873. As Levi saw the Gold Rush opportunity in the West, he soon moved to San Francisco. He then sell family goods and cotton clothes. At the same time, Jacob Davis was a tailor there and one of his clients ordered a sturdy pants that can withstand the toughness of his work. Thus, Jacob made the jeans from the denim he sourced from Levi, and added cooper rivets to make them stronger. Eventually, it become a great hit and Jacab and Levi then become partners to create more jeans.

Modern Denim Outfit

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As time goes by, denim outfit has become fashion items. Designers use it on jackets, shirts, jeans and even sneakers. Furthermore, denim outfit has been adapted into different styles as well. For example, street, minimal, techwear and vintage.

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And even the color of denim has been expanded. Not only indigo but also other colors such as black or white. And the type of fabrics has also expanded. Some brands even use premium fabric such as Zimbabwe cotton to craft denim and give them a softer touch.

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And it’s interesting that Japan has now become the quality denim factory. Head to our previous article to know more.

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