You may often heard about selvedge denim and notice that they usually appear at premium denim line. But do you know what does selvedge denim mean? Today, we will briefly talk about what it is and how it is different from the others.

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 8

Selvedge pants from Stevenson Overall Co.

First of all, let’s begin with the word “selvedge”. It is actually the combination of “self” and “edge”. Selvedge refers to a sewing method. The fabric is woven in a way that the garments’ ‘edge’ can be used. When it comes to jean construction, it means using the outer edge of the denim, which is its “self-edge”.

Selvedge denim

(Photo from Long John)

There are several advantages of using selvedge denim. The most important reason is its quality and durability. Since the edge of the denim fabric is used and sewed, the jean created will be more durable. And they are also more resistant to raveling. Moreover, selvedge denim is often more tighter and denser than non-slevedge.


The other reason is its attractiveness. Selvedge is actually a traditional way to craft jeans in the US. However, when the industry revolution comes, the traditional way was replaced by machines and modern looms. Yet, interestingly, the weaving technique and selvedge loom technology has been shifted to Japan since then. Thus, you will find a variety of selvedge denim from Japan.