NEIGHBORHOOD x Kostas Seremetis has just launched an amazing collaboration. Kostas Seremetis is a New York-based painter, sculptor and filmmaker. He has been working together with the Japanese legendary streetwear label for a collection of jackets, hoodies and tees. We all know that NEIGHBORHOOD crossover with different brands and designers every season. Yet, this is one of a unique collection since they have pulled more colors onto NEIGHBORHOOD designs.


NEIGHBORHOOD x Kostas Seremetis

Photo source: NEIGHBORHOOD

In the collection, the pieces are full of streetwear style. The hooded coat features inkjet prints of reconstructed motifs that is designed by Kostas Seremetis. And they have been applied with worn out effect to create a vintage touch.


NEIGHBORHOOD x Kostas Seremetis 2

Photo source: NEIGHBORHOOD

For jacket, it applies with a special pattern of reconstructed motifs print. Also, it adds red and white colors to make it even more patriot and eye-catching.


NEIGHBORHOOD x Kostas Seremetis 3

NEIGHBORHOOD x Kostas Seremetis 5

Photo source: NEIGHBORHOOD

The NEIGHBORHOOD x Kostas Seremetis collections also feature tees, hoodie and sweater – mainly in black and white. These classic NEIGHBORHOOD silhouettes come with some motor bikes and hot rod graphics designs. And they have NEIGHBORHOOD logo printed on the chest.

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