Sun buddies Edie Lava Lamp is a new colour of the Edie series. It is handmade with Italian acetate frame.
Edie Lava Lamp 4
Like all the Edie series, it has a slightly thicker round frame. And this season, Sun Buddies introduces the colour of Lava Lamp. It is a mixture of purple and yellow. The frame is also semi-transparent to give it a more “liquidized” touch and look like running lava.
Edie Lava Lamp 1
Also, it uses 100% UV protection Carl Zeiss lenses in Black color.
Edie Lava Lamp 5
Furthermore, it has a seven bar hinge with two visible rivets on the temple.
Sun Buddies Case 1
At last, item comes with luxurious sliding paperboard box and an orange faux leather case.
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Edie Smog 1
Edie Cola 1
Edie Black 1
Edie Brown Tortoise 1
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