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Sun buddies ‘s Junior sunglasses are now available in Cucumber Water and Aqua Tortoise at ANDJOY Store. The Junior features a slightly larger than normal square frame, which is inspired by those in the 70’s.

Sun Buddies Junior - Aqua Tortoise

Aqua Tortoise

Sun Buddies Junior - Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water

Cucumber Water is a new color for the brand. It is actually semi-transparent pale green. And they are matched with green Carl Zeiss lenses, which is 100% UV protection.


Sun Buddies Junior - Aqua Tortoise


The frame is handmade with Italian acetate. And there is a seven bar hinge with two visible rivets on the temple.


Sun Buddies Junior - Cucumber Water


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Editor’s Picks – Sun Buddies Akira

Sun Buddies Akira is one of their classic styles . This classic frame has a rounded cat-eye shape. And Sun Buddies keeps vitalizing the styles by launching different colors each season. And this season, we have them in Purple Blonde Tortoise and Ash Grey.

Akira Purple Blonde Tortoise 1

Purple Blonde Tortoise

Sun Buddies Akira - Ash Grey

Ash Grey

Sun Buddies Akira - Purple Blonde Tortoise

Sun Buddies Akira is a vintage inspired frame. It has seven bar hinge with two visible rivets on the temple. And like all Sun Buddies’ products, they are handmade with Italian acetate.

Sun Buddies Akira - Ash Grey

Sun Buddies are also famous for their bold and eye-catching color. And there is no exception for the Akira. The tortoise pattern has a combination of brown and purple while the ash grey features Sun Buddies’ signature semi transparent accent. And they are matched with brown and black lenses respectively. Also, these lenses are from Carl Zeiss, which are 100% UV protection!

Sun Buddies Case

And of course, they all come with Sun Buddies orange faux leather case.


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Sun Buddies Giorgio – Classic Frames with Bold Colors

Sun Buddies Giorgio is a newer frame from Sun Buddies. If you know about Sun Buddies, you may be impressed by its colorful and eye catching frames. Yet, Sun Buddies take a step further and created Giorgio. It is a hybrid as it features a classic 1980’s frame with Sun Buddies’ signature color.

Sun Buddies Giorgio - Gold/Gremlin Green

Gold/Gremlin Green

Giorgio Gremin Green 3

As you can see, the sunglasses feature a classic aviator frame. However, Sun Buddies lightens it up with a sharp color – gremlin green. They make a great contrast and the green also add a great summer vibe. The frame is handmade with stainless steel and Italian Acetate.

Giorgio Gremin Green 4

Furthermore, Sun Buddies matches this sunglasses with a green carl Zeiss lenses that is 100% UV protection.

Giorgio Silver Brown 2

Silver/Brown Smoke

Another color of the Giorgio is more vintage. It has a silver temples and brown smoke temple tips.

Giorgio Silver Brown 4

Also, it matches with a light yellow Carl Zeiss lenses. The combination is perfect for vintage lovers.


If you would like to know more about Sun Buddies, you can check out our previous article or shop their latest arrivals at ANDJOY now!

Editors’ Picks – Sun Buddies Edie Lava Lamp

Sun buddies Edie Lava Lamp is a new colour of the Edie series. It is handmade with Italian acetate frame.
Edie Lava Lamp 4
Like all the Edie series, it has a slightly thicker round frame. And this season, Sun Buddies introduces the colour of Lava Lamp. It is a mixture of purple and yellow. The frame is also semi-transparent to give it a more “liquidized” touch and look like running lava.
Edie Lava Lamp 1
Also, it uses 100% UV protection Carl Zeiss lenses in Black color.
Edie Lava Lamp 5
Furthermore, it has a seven bar hinge with two visible rivets on the temple.
Sun Buddies Case 1
At last, item comes with luxurious sliding paperboard box and an orange faux leather case.
Check out more colour of Sun Buddies Edie series at ANDJOY!
Edie Smog 1
Edie Cola 1
Edie Black 1
Edie Brown Tortoise 1
Are you ready your unique summer with colorful, awesome Sun Buddies? Not enough? See more other collection!


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Sun Buddies Online

Sun Buddies is a premium eyewear line from Sweden. However, It is actually under the brand Très Bien.

You may be surprised by Sun Buddies’ colourful and fancy design. In fact, the very first Sun Buddies designs actually come from the sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in the film “Persona”. That’s how Sun Buddies’ classic series “Bibi” come from.

Sun Buddies Bibi - Black

After that, the collection become famous among the fashion industry. Sun Buddies never stop working with designers, photographers and artists, making it one of the core elements of Sun Buddies. Recently, Sun Buddies is working with Carhartt for a cross-over series – The “Sun Buddies for Carhartt WIP”.

Moreover, Sun Buddies sunglasses have delightful colour and are usually handmade. They use Italian acetate frame with 100% UV protection Carl Zeiss lens.

Shop your Sun Buddies Online now at ANDJOY, including the styles of Bibi, Akira, Ozzy, Giorgio, Eddie, and Zinedine.