About us

ANDJOY is a Hong Kong based online fashion store. It is our mission to source fashions and lifestyle related products with good quality from around the globe. These include Scandinavian brands, premium Japanese denim, minimalist fashion, street wear and other menswear.

In fact, we love Scandinavian products a lot as they have a minimal design with very good quality. They also tend to use organic materials that bring less harm to the environment. Moreover, their usually have “timeless” designs that are very long lasting.

ANDJOY is a platform to share our joy with the others and we hope to brighten up everyone’s daily life with more interesting products. We wish you to browse and shop with joy and more importantly, enjoy every moment of your life.

ANDJOY will keep sourcing the best quality brands for you in the future. You will find more brands on board since our 2019 Fall collections. Including Filippa-K, NN07, Sun Buddies, Folk, Kuro denim and Good News sneakers. We will keep writing articles about the upcoming brands and the story behind them.

As an online fashion store, your user experience is always our priority. We will keep updating the website for faster speed and your ease of use. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Share your joy with us

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