The Fall Winter season is coming and you may want to start digging out your Scarf from the wardrobe. It seems wise to wear a scarf as it can keep you warm and fashionable.


A little history about scarf – The first recorder scarf in human history appeared in 1350 BC, ancient Egypt. Queen Nefertiti was wearing a tightly woven scarf with a conical headdress.


Over 3,000 years of evolution, scarves has become a popular fashion item. They are available in countless materials, patterns and colors. They are commonly found in wool, cashmere and linen.


Let’s see how you can carry a scarf in 3 different ways:

Parisian Knot


Photo Source: Missyage

Parisian knot is one of the most common ways to carry it. You can simply fold your scarf into half the width and length. Then form a hole with the folded end and put the loose end through the hole. Then tighten the scarf and it will keep you warm in a nice way.


The easiest way to wear a scar is drape – simply drape your scarf around your neck without folding or tightening it. More importantly, keep them equal length on both sides! You can wear it with your coat and it will add more color and layers to your outfit. However, drape is more for keeping you fashionable instead of warm.

Once Around


Photo Source: Styleoholic

Another common way to wear a scarf is once around. Simply drape the scarf around your neck once without tightening it. You can let either one end longer than the other or keep them even. If you wear a long scarf, you can do twice around – drape the scarf around your neck twice and you will create an inner knot where no one can notice.


Filippa K Jacquard Wool Scarf

Check out our scarves from Filippa K. The Jacquard wool scarf is made of 100% wool with special checked pattern of navy, grey and black.

Filippa K Cashmere Scarf

The cashmere scarf is even warmer and they are in beautiful plain color. They are perfect to be draped and worn with your coat.


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