There are different types of cotton for crafting clothes. You may be familiar about zimbabwe cotton and organic cotton, but how about pima cotton?

What is Pima Cotton

It is a higher-end cotton which comes from Peru and is named after Pima Indians, who help to breed the cotton in United States. It is commonly used to craft handkerchiefs and t-shirts. Pima is also called as Extra Long Stable. It is because its fiber measurement is between 1.4 to 2 inches while the conventional cotton fiber only has an average of 1.1 inches long. That’s make pima cotton stronger than other cotton. In fact, they are 40% more durable than normal upland cotton. And their end products tend to have 50% longer lifetime as well.


Moreover, pima is a premium cotton because of its scarcity. Only a few places produce pima. These include Australia, Peru and the southwester region of the United States. They are usually hand harvested to prevent damage. Furthermore, the production of pima does not contains pesticide residues or synthetic fertilizers. Thus, it is the perfect products for people with sensitive skin. Their softness and lightweight also prevents irritating your skin.

Pima Cotton T-shirts

Let’s take a look at these t-shirts from NN07. Not on made with quality pima cotton, but also features NN07’s signature minimal designs.

NN07 Ethan Print Tee 3208 - White


NN07 Ethan Print Tee 3208 - Aqua Navy

Aqua Navy

NN07 Ethan Print Tee 3208 - Green


NN07 Ethan Print Tee 3208 - Black


These t-shirts are very soft and light. They also have very bright color – thanks to the “easy to dye” ability of pima cotton. Moreover, they are very thin and breathable, which makes them the perfect t-shirts for Summer.