Many has raised concern on products’ sustainability, even for fashion, that’s why we will talk about the sustainable sneaker from London – Good News. They produce sustainable sneakers and take up social responsibility – such as fair trade, produce shoes with left over materials and donate to people in need and raise fund for children in poverty.


Their sustainable sneakers are made of organic cotton, recycled rubber, a bouncy cushioned footbed and matted eyelets. You can also find more details from our previous blog. Today, we will talk about the material they use in further details and use their most popular model as a showcase – the Bagger 2 Low.

Upper and Outsole

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White

Off WhiteGood News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black


First of all, the upper and lining of the sneakers are made of organic cotton. They are all produced without the use of toxins, pesticides, chemical fertilizers nor GMO seeds.


And probably you will be attracted by the exaggerated outsole. This rubber outsole is made of recycled rubber. These rubber come from used car tires and old shoes. It gives these abandoned rubber a new life and the factory process these rubber in a non-toxic way to give them the max softness – to bring you the greatest comfort.

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black

The outsole is vulcanized to give you better grip.


sustainable sneakers sustainable sneakers

And what’s complete it as a sustainable sneakers is its insole. Normally, insole is made of Polyurethane foams that contains petroleum. As an eco-friendly brand, Good News replaces it with their own recipe. Good News has invented their own footbed – Airfoam ECO 20. It contains bio-oil and recycled rubber. Th bio-oil is extracted from Castor beans. As a result, this insole is not only environmental friendly, but also very bouncy and serve as a good cushion.

Getting Better as it Ages

sustainable sneakers

This Bagger 2 low sneakers has been worn for a while and it gives me great comfort as a daily kick. Thanks to its huge soft rubber outsole and the bouncy insole.

bagger 2 low sneakers bagger 2 low sneakers

Moreover, the patch at the back is lifted up a bit to prevent it from contact with the ground. Thus, it is more durable. You might notice that the word “GOOD NEWS” is in the same patch, while the older generation have “GOOD” and “NEWS” separated into the patches on the left and right foot.


A sustainable sneakers is not only about its material but also its long lasting. Good News sneakers are very durable and they seldom change the style. In fact, I love the sneakers more as I wear it. It has become a reflection of my characteristic and styles.