Herschel Supply Co. x New Balance

Herschel Supply Co. x New Balance has released their recent collaboration. In fact, they have been working together for six years already. And this time, the crossover is based on New Balance’s 801 sneakers.



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In this crossover series, they have taken a more subtle and neat approach. The upper features a mix of mesh, leather, and nubuck. And on the outsole, there are some customized patterns to differentiate from the ordinary 801. More than that, they have added some reflective colors to make them more eye-catching. There are three colors available – Night Lights, Rock, and Cement.


Herschel Supply Co. x New Balance

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Nike x SACAI LDWaffle

Nike x SACAI LDWaffle will be officially launched on 12th September 2019. The previous collaboration between the two labels was a huge success. And they are renewing the series with new color.


The bases of the LD Waffle are actually Nike’s Daybreak and LDV. However, the LD Waffle combined the shape of the two classic models and feature a doubled-up design – 2 laces, 2 tounges and 2 swoosh. Apart from the doubled Nike swoosh, the most eye-catching part will be the extended midsole.

This time, Sacai and Nike bring us three different colors  – Black, Summer White and Pine Green.


source from SACAI


You can buy Nike x SACAI LDWaffle from:

1. JUICE Taiwan (Physical store) ( 9/13, 21:00,GMT+8)

2. END. (enter the draw before 9/14, 7:00, GMT+8)

About Sacai

Chitose Abe

Photo source: Business of Fashion


Sacai’s Creative director, Chitose Abe was working with Junya Watanabe’s collection at Comme des Garçons. After that, she moved on and founded SACAI in 1999.

Good News London – Sustainable Sneakers

Many has raised concern on products’ sustainability, even for fashion, that’s why we will talk about the sustainable sneaker from London – Good News. They produce sustainable sneakers and take up social responsibility – such as fair trade, produce shoes with left over materials and donate to people in need and raise fund for children in poverty.


Their sustainable sneakers are made of organic cotton, recycled rubber, a bouncy cushioned footbed and matted eyelets. You can also find more details from our previous blog. Today, we will talk about the material they use in further details and use their most popular model as a showcase – the Bagger 2 Low.

Upper and Outsole

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White

Off WhiteGood News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black


First of all, the upper and lining of the sneakers are made of organic cotton. They are all produced without the use of toxins, pesticides, chemical fertilizers nor GMO seeds.


And probably you will be attracted by the exaggerated outsole. This rubber outsole is made of recycled rubber. These rubber come from used car tires and old shoes. It gives these abandoned rubber a new life and the factory process these rubber in a non-toxic way to give them the max softness – to bring you the greatest comfort.

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black

The outsole is vulcanized to give you better grip.


sustainable sneakers sustainable sneakers

And what’s complete it as a sustainable sneakers is its insole. Normally, insole is made of Polyurethane foams that contains petroleum. As an eco-friendly brand, Good News replaces it with their own recipe. Good News has invented their own footbed – Airfoam ECO 20. It contains bio-oil and recycled rubber. Th bio-oil is extracted from Castor beans. As a result, this insole is not only environmental friendly, but also very bouncy and serve as a good cushion.

Getting Better as it Ages

sustainable sneakers

This Bagger 2 low sneakers has been worn for a while and it gives me great comfort as a daily kick. Thanks to its huge soft rubber outsole and the bouncy insole.

bagger 2 low sneakers bagger 2 low sneakers

Moreover, the patch at the back is lifted up a bit to prevent it from contact with the ground. Thus, it is more durable. You might notice that the word “GOOD NEWS” is in the same patch, while the older generation have “GOOD” and “NEWS” separated into the patches on the left and right foot.


A sustainable sneakers is not only about its material but also its long lasting. Good News sneakers are very durable and they seldom change the style. In fact, I love the sneakers more as I wear it. It has become a reflection of my characteristic and styles.

Premium Eco Sneaker – Softball from Good News London

Softball is a new style from Good News London. In fact, they have just introduced this style in 2019. And in this Autumn/Winter collections, Good News London upgraded the game and brought us the Softball 2 sneaker.


If you have been following Good News, they are actually an ECO friendly sneakers brand from London. They use a lot of recycled and organic materials for their shoes. Their classic collections have an upper with organic cotton, recycled rubber outsole, a bouncy cushioned footbed and matted eyelets. You can also go back to our previous article for more details.

good news sneakers

It is worth mentioning that even the shoes box are made with recycled cardboard.


Softball 2 is a premium line from Good News London. It is because the softball collections are practiced with different fabrics. And for the softball 2 this season, they use wool. It actually fits the collections so well as it gives us a fluffy “softball touch”.

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker - Olive


Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker - Brown

BrownGood News Softball 2 Low Sneaker- Black 1


There are three colors available at ANDJOY Store, including Olive, Brown and Black.

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker- Black 3

Softball 2 features a vulcanized rubber outsole – to give you better grip on slippery road.

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker - Brown

Their new collections have the “Good News” logo together at each patch at the back instead of separately. And not only the wool upper is organic, Good News London even use organic cotton lining for their sneakers.

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker- Black 5

The black color is a one to watch as it has a triple black accent. The sole, shoelace and the wool are all black. Moreover, it has an eye catching silver eyelet.

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker - Brown

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker - Olive

These sneakers are extremely comfortable to wear with as they have a bouncy cushioned footbed and a thick outsole. Head to our site now and shop for their latest collections!

Available Online Now – Good News Sneakers

Good News Sneakers are now available at ANDJOY Store. Good News was founded in London in 2016. It has a simple idea – to promote a healthy planet. They have a motto of “To give back, one step at a time”.


good news sneakers


In fact, Good News sneakers are all sustainable. It is because they are both environmental and social friendly.


good news sneakers



In terms of material, Good News sneakers are made of recycled rubber, organic cotton and eco-lite material. However, they have taken a step further and take the responsibility to their production chain. They strive their best to reduce pollution, carbon and water footprint. They also adopt fair trade to make sure people work for them are being treated fairly.


For packing, the shoes box is made of 100% recycled cardboard. As Good News believed every box deserves a second chance.


Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White
Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker – Off White

Good News sneakers have a minimal design with their signature thick mid-sole. It serves as a great cushion together with the eco-lite footbed. The outsole is also vulcanized to give you better traction.


Shop Good News latest collection at ANDJOY now! And don’t forget to check out other brands that are coming to ANDJOY soon.

Why is Poplin Shirt Good for Summer?

Have you ever heard that you should wear a Poplin Shirt in Summer? In this article, we will talk about what is a Poplin Shirt and why it is good to wear one in the Summer day.

There are different ways to weave cotton, like Oxford, Twill, Dobby or Herringbone. Poplin is one of them and it is also called broadcloth. For a poplin shirt, the cotton is densely woven in criss-cross shape. This pattern gives the shirt strength but is also very thin and lightweight at the same time. They also have a soft silky touch. The cross shape also allows better air circulation and keeps you cooler in a hot Summer day. It also serves as a good work shirt as it has little sheen, which gives a more professional look.


This Summer, we have brought you Poplin Shirts from Filippa Ka leading Scandinavian brand from Sweden. 

Filippa K Ben Washed Poplin Shirt - Paris Blue

Paris Blue


Filippa K Ben Washed Poplin Shirt - White




The Poplin Shirts are available in Paris Blue and White. Filippa K insists to use 100% organic cotton to craft these shirts. These premium fabrics make these shirts stand out from the crowd. If you want to know more about organic cotton, feel free to trace back to our previous article!

Filippa K Ben Washed Poplin Shirt - Paris Blue

It serves as a good work shirt as it has a lot of details. It has hidden buttons to hold the collar position.



Filippa K Ben Washed Poplin Shirt - Paris Blue

Furthermore, it has double yoke pleats at the back.

Filippa K Ben Washed Poplin Shirt - Paris BlueIt also come with button cuffs.


If you are planning to wear a 2 pieces suit, it will serve you a good and comfortable undershirt.


Enjoy more Scandinavian minimal designs from Filippa K this Summer!

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker White

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker – White

Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Khaki

Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts – Khaki


HUF Clive – Shining Colors in a Humble Way

In this article, we will introduce you the HUF Clive. If you have already read our previous article, then you will know what features HUF has been adding to their sneakers. For Clive, HUF has even taken a step further.

HUF Clive - Black

Clive – Black

HUF Clive - Black

Apart from the features we have mentioned before, Clive also has a breathable 4-way stretch foot stabilizer next to the tongue. Therefore, it can give you a better fitting, comfort and protection.


The rubber is also vulcanized to bring you better grip and protection. It also uses ‘Rubber Shield’ for ollie protection and durability.

HUF Clive - Black

But what really makes it special is the design from Dick Rizzo. If you take the first look at the Clive, you will first recognize it by its black leather. However, your attention will soon be drawn by the tab at the back. As it is in shining yellow, purple and blue, which makes great contrast with the shoes.


HUF Clive - Black

However, its not the only part. If you take a closer look into the insole, you will also find the yellow, purple and blue stripe next to Rizzo’s signature.


HUF Clive - Black

The most iconic part definitely goes to the sole. As it is painted in the yellow, purple and blue stripe. In this way, the Clive looks like a humble sneaker. However, when you wear it, it shine colors as you walk.

HUF Clive - Black

Feeling interested? Check out other products from HUF now!

HUF Sneakers – More than a Skate Shoes

HUF sneakers are designed for skateboarding. They have the features that will give you better grip and durability.


HUF Hupper 2 Lo - Black

Hupper 2 Lo – Black

HUF Hupper 2 Lo - Black

The shoes has a suede upper, which can protect the shoes from friction and increase its durability.

For the outsole, it features a 3D foxing tape for better grip and stability. And it is also a Geometric-tread ‘Infinity Rubber’ that will further enhance your grip.
HUF Hupper 2 Lo - Black

On the tongue, it has a brown ‘HUF Original Logo’. And the tongue is also padded for extra comfort. The rubber shield at the front will also enhance its durability and protection.

HUF Hupper 2 Lo - Black

For the insole, there is a white cat “Matt” on the left and an evil looking black cat “Gottwig” on the right. Together, they become Matt Gottwig, the artwork designer.



HUF Hupper 2 Lo - White

Hupper 2 Lo – White

It also comes with a white color with the same design and features. Yet, HUF uses different materials to build the white color to bring more variety.

HUF Hupper 2 Lo - White


HUF Hupper 2 Lo - BlackHUF Hupper 2 Lo - White

The white color has a leather upper instead of suede.

HUF Hupper 2 Lo - White

The sole and the logo is in red.


There is no doubt that HUF sneakers are more than just a pair of skate shoes. They have also become famous street wear for fashion lovers. As they can give you great comfort and style at the same time.

HUF Clive - Black

In the next article, we will talk about another sneakers from HUF –  Clive.


Filippa K sneakers are now available online at ANDJOY

Filippa K Sneakers

In this SS19 collection, we have Filippa K sneakers – Morgan Low Mix. It is a classic low top model for casual or smart casual looks.Filippa K Sneakers

Filippa K Sneakers

The second Filippa K sneakers – Robert Low Mix. It is a basketball-inspired low top model with the combination of vintage and fresh colour.

These sneakers are made with 100% leather with suede details. Moreover, they come with removable and comfortable insole. The insole itself has a 3cm thickness and allow you to walk comfortably every day.

Due to the sneakers minimal designs, you can wear them with jeans, trousers and shirt. It will give you a Scandinavian neat and clean outfit.

Looking for a pair of sneakers this Spring and Summer? Shop your sneakers now at ANDJOY!