Editor’s Pick – PREGIS Levy

PREGIS is a new footwear brand from London. It was launched in 2018 and they have designed a series of contemporary premium sneakers. PREGIS Levy is one of the styles in thier FW19 collection.

PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Tan


PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Grey



It has a subtle and clean look but it features a lot of details:



The upper is made of patented technical fabric, calf leather and suede. Moreover, it has a tag with 3M material.


PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Grey

Also, Levy is a more a functional sneakers and the outsole is made from Vibram, which gives better protection and grip.


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News – Nike x Fear of God 1 Sneakers

The Nike x Fear of God 1 sneaker will be released on 2th November 2019. Jerry Lorenzo, founder of Fear of God, has been working with Nike to design this high top “boot” like sneaker.



This is obviously not the first time for Nike x Fear of God to launch a collaboration. They have been doing this for quite a while and they renew the color from time to time. This time, the sneaker is in a more subtle and natural Oatmeal color.



The sneaker has a futuristic outlook with a neat design. It has mesh upper, Zoom Air cushioning and multiple rubber layers for decoration. In the front, it has a suede toe box and a toggle keeps the laces fastened. And at the back, it has a zipper closure.


Nike x Fear of God 2

Nike x Fear of God 3

Photo Source: Nike



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News – Nike Cortez Basic Leather SE “Day of the Dead”

To celebrate the Mexican festival – The Day of the Dead, Nike has launched a special edition of Cortez Basic Leather SE.


The Dead of the Dead is a traditional festival in Mexico to memorize their family and friends who have passed away. In the multi-days holiday, they will pray for the dead ones. Yet, they do not consider the process as sadness as they believe the dead ones will celebrate with them together.

Photo Source: Sneakerstuff

The Cortez Basic Leather SE features dark full-grain leather. The white swoosh serves as a contradiction and makes the sneakers more eye-catching. And the whole sneaker is covered with orange lining, which adds a mysterious touch.


The black and orange combination reminds us of the Halloween. And in fact, the sneakers will be available on 15th Oct, and the price will be 65 GBP.


News – Veja x Rick Owens

Veja x Rick Owens has launched their first crossover collection. These sneakers combine Rick Owen’s attitude with Veja’s sustainability and technology.


Black pierre (Photo source: Veja)


Dust black (Photo source: Veja)


Butter black (Photo source: Veja)


The sneakers are made with breathable V-Knit uppers that is come from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Moreover, the Logo V is made with Pebax RNew (100% ricinus oil). The outsole is made by rice waste and wild rubber from the Amazonian forest.


Check out our previous article about Veja.


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A Glimpse at YEEZY 500 Stone

Although the Yeezy 500 collection has a frequent update, it has been a while since we saw a Yeezy 500 Bone White in August. But rest assured, the Yeezy 500 stone is set to launch by end of November this year.


The new material on the 500 stone is definitely the gimmick –  the mesh base and tongue are now replaced by spaceship-like neoprene. Not only for a futuristic look but also for greater comfort.


Photo Source: Yeezy Mafia


adidas-yeezy 500-stone-first-look-tongue

Photo Source: Yeezy Mafia


For details, the sneakers apply premium shaggy suede overlays. And it has a beige Adiprene midsole, finished with a lighter shade on the gum outsole.


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YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 in Hospital Blue


The YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 is a must for a sneaker collector. The creation between Adidas and Kanye West is such a great hit. The stunning color combination together with the beautifully shaped outsole, the YEEZY collections never disappoint you.  Thus, they keep renewing the color every season and this time, they come in hospital blue – which will be released on 28th September 2019.



Photo Source: Yeezy


Perhaps this is not the first blue YEEZY BOOST. But the blue color is more subtle to match the Winter collection. Besides, you still have the suede overlays and reflective (3M material) decorations. Just like any other YEEZY BOOST, they are comfortable and durable.


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The Trend of Oversized Sneakers

When we talk about oversized sneakers, it doesn’t mean to wear sneakers with a few sizes up. They refer to sneakers with an exaggerated sole to create a larger silhouette in visual. These shoes usually have upper and insole just like your normal sneakers. Yet, the sole is “enlarged”, both in height and width.


oversized sneaker

Photo Source: Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen is the pioneer of oversized sneakers. In 2015, they launched their first oversized shoes with exaggerated rubber soles. The design revitalized traditional leather trainers with modern technology. The sole makes a contrasting look on the sneakers and serve as a very comfortable cushion. As a result, it become a great hit.


triple s trainers

Photo Source: Balenciaga


After 2 years, Balenciaga also launched their own oversized sneakers with even bolder designs. The sole is larger and combined with 3 layers. It requires more procedures and skills to mold the sole. The vintage effect and color combination also makes it one of a kind.


In fact, the huge sole of an oversized sneaker can create a visionary impact to make you look taller and slimmer.

PREGIS Ainsley Leather Runner Sneaker - Grey Beige

Feeling interested in oversized sneakers? Don’t forget to check out our latest arrivals from PREGIS. A contemporary footwear brand from London. Read our previous articles to know more about their designs and collections.

PREGIS Shoes – Futuristic Sneakers from London

PREGIS shoes is a new footwear brand from London. It was launched in 2018 and offers premium sneakers at a more affordable prices. PREGIS stands for the core values of the brand – Premium product created with precision without pretence or prejudice.

All PREGIS shoes are made in Portugal. And the production factory has more than 40 years of experience in shoes making. Furthermore, all materials are come from Portugal and Italy. Perhaps you will recognize PREGIS’s designs by their futuristic look and the oversized sole. In fact, the sole is so special that it is made with 3-parts mold unit with three composite materials.

PREGIS Aster Leather Runner Sneaker - Beige

Aster is a classic and signature item of PREGIS. Their upper is made of patented technical fabrics and calf leather. For design, Aster features a zip and velcro closure. Thus, you can put it on and off easily. Moreover, it has an ankle socks for greater comfort.

PREGIS Ainsley Leather Runner Sneaker - Grey Beige

Ainsley is a new collection from AW19. It has the same technical fabrics and calf leather just like Aster. Yet, the upper is also covered with suede. And it has contrasting color to make it even more eye-catching. No matter it’s grey and beige or navy and pink, they are all the perfect color combination for the oversized sneakers. Both Aster and Ainsley features the signature oversized sole from PREGIS.

PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Grey

Vibram – Outsole from Italy

You may have spotted the logo Vibram on different shoes‘ outsoles, especially on boots or premium sneakers. Vibram is actually an Italian company that is specialized on producing rubber outsoles. Their rubber outsoles are extremely lightweight and anti-slippery. Moreover, their materials provide good protection and still give you great comfort at the same time. You will find Vibram’s logo on a lot of shoes, including Maison Margiela, Nike, Visvim, SUICOKE, UGG and many other brands.

vibram blog

Photo Source: Vibram

The hardy and abrasion-resistant sole can give you better grip on concrete and other hard surface. They also feature heat-resistant compound to protect your feet. Thus, they are also a good choice for wild exploration. In fact, Vibram has a lot of different products for different occasion and purposes. Yet, the most common one we see on boots and sneakers are usually the double ring shape.

The history

The history of Vibram dated back to 1935, when its founder Bramani was developing climbing outsoles for his friends. 2 years later, he patented his invention and launched the first rubber lug soles called “Carrarmato”, which means tank tread.


After that, he developed many other different kinds of soles for mountaineering boots, casual sneakers and other shoes for specific sports.


Photo Source: Vibram

In 2012, Vibram launched its most significant design ever made – the  FiveFingers. It can reduce foot injuries and strengthen foot muscles.


Nowadays, Vibram’s soles are manufactured in Brazil, China, Italy, the Czech Republic and the United States. Moreover, there are over 1,000 shoes manufacturers using their products. And shoes with Vibram’s outsoles are considered to be superior.

PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Tan PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker - Tan

PREGIS Levy Leather Sneaker


Interested in a pair of premium sneakers with Vibram sole? Check out our latest arrivals from Pregis, a contemporary sneaker brand from London. They are made in Portugal with patented technical fabrics. With the Vibram sole, these shoes are fashionable and able to provide good protection as your daily kicks.


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Scandinavian Fashion – Filippa K

We have talked about Scandi style sneaker earlier and we will dig deeper into Scandinavian fashion this time. Speaking of that, we have to mention Filippa K. Filippa Knutsson and Patrik Kihlborg founded the brand in 1993. Their interpretation of fashion was wearable, aesthetically balanced pieces which can stand the test of time – effortless, essential garments. Hence, their design is clean with high quality. And it becomes a very popular brand in Nordic countries. Filippa K helped to define minimalism and bring it into Scandinavian fashion.

Lifestyle Mobile

Scandinavian fashion is not only about the beauty of minimal design. A garment has to be personal and long lasting. In an other word, you will get along with your clothes better as you wear them and they also have the quality to stand against time. As a result, Scandinavian fashion is “timelessness”. Both in terms of designs and quality. This is exactly why Filippa K promotes the idea of slow fashion, as the seldom change the styles of design. And they hope consumer will wear them for a longer time and produce less waste. 

Filippa K Oliver Cotton Jacket - Platoon

These minimal designs are sustainable as they have organic and quality fabric. Filippa K visits these factories from time to time to make sure they are up to standard and the employees are being treated fairly.

Filippa K Desktop SquareNot to mention their sneakers, they have comfortable insoles with premium sustainable leather. 

Want to see more from Filippa K? More AW19 collections will be available online at ANDJOY soon.

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