The new Uniqlo x Dragon Ball Z  collection will be available by end of November this year. It’s actually not the first time Uniqlo and Jump work together. Last year, their Uniqlo x JUMP 50th Anniversary Dragon Ball Z collection was a great hit. Thus, they are coming back this year with some new designs.


uniqlo x dragon ball 50

Photo Source: Uniqlo



The Japanese clothing label has been actively team up with different comics/cartoon companies to produce t-shirts collections. And they won the support of the cartoons’ fans. These items are so hot that you will need to get one ASAP before they are out of stock.


uniqlo x pokemon UTSource from Uniqlo


These graphic tees are called UT – which means UNIQLO’s graphic T-shirt. From 2003 til now, those collaborations include One Piece, Pokemon, Doraemon and many other comics, including characters from Disney.


Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball is a very famous Japanese comics written by Akira Toriyama. The story is about the adventure of Goku (the main character) to seek the dragon balls. Furthermore, it has a long serialized history on Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine, from 1984 to 1995. It has then become a world-known cartoon and even a Hollywood movie was filmed.


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