Nigo is a Japanese fashion designer. He is best known for the creation of A Bathing Ape. The street brand is a huge success and in 2011, he sold 90% of the shares to I.T, a clothing retailer based in Hong Kong.


Photo Source: Bape


After that, he founded the brand Human Made in 2014. And it is very successful. It has more and more cooperation with other big names such as Adidas.


human madePhoto Source: Complex



He is also a famous collector, not only for rare sneakers and fashion items, but also toys and vintage products. Click on the video below to see Nigo shows off his multi-million dollars worth collection, including Beastie Boys member – Ad-Rock‘s guitar, custom Louis Vuitton vinyl carrying bags, 100 years old denim jackets from Levi’s and Lee, and a million dollar worth of jewelry.




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