Both clothing labels Needles and Engineered Garments are under the company Nepenthes. And both of them have just released their latest Spring/Summer 2020 collection. They have brought the distinctive Americana style back into real life.

In SS20, Needles has injected more sporty elements into their designs.


needles coach jacket

Photo source: Nepenthes

The Coach Jacket is a simple yet core design from NEEDLES. In the SS20 collection, they have revitalized it with a unique printed fabric. Moreover, the stretchy polyester taffeta material has added more comfort to this sport jacket with a relaxed silhouette.

needles pants

Photo source: Nepenthes

The Track Pants also have color combination that is one of a kind. Crafted with polyester jersey material, these track pants feature stripe and the signature butterfly embroidery in contrasting colors. The fabric is also elastic and breathable.


engineered garments

Photo source: Nepenthes

engineered garments jackets

Photo source: Nepenthes

As for Engineered Garments, the BDU Jacket is the one to watch. It is made with grey Polyester Microfiber fabric to create a technical texture. For designs, it has four front pockets and, the neck is equipped with chin strap to prevent wind intrusion.

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