A lot of denim lovers are willing to go to Japan to buy denim pants because of its good hand craft technology, high quality fabric, professional hand wash and its good durable. Therefore, Japan’s denim are counted as one of the best in the world. Apart from Stevenson Overall Co. we have mentioned in the previous article, I will now introduce you the brand – KURO Denim.


Recently, I find a denim brand – KURO in Japan. You can see it in Ginza, Omotesando and other places. Its design is simple and casual. Yet, the quality is very good. The denim texture has a very soft touch. These include heavy jeans and light denim jackets. Furthermore, all products are made in Japan. The details are absolutely guaranteed.


The design of it is simple. Also, they combine Japanese tradition and modern culture. Just like their short-sleeved shirt, the sleeves are loose and it has the standard suit collar with a sleek to show the modern taste.

Kuro Dolman Sleeve S/S Shirt - Khaki

Designer named the brand as “KURO” because the Japanese eyes and hair are black, and many Japanese words contain this word, such as dark purple, eagle and so on.

2010 – officially founded KURO and presented with the Italian Pitti Uomo collection

2013 – opened its first direct store in Harajuku, Tokyo

2015 – Opened branches in Osaka store and Nagoya.

2017 – Opened flagship store in Ginza SIX, Ginza

2018 – Design for uniforms and clothing for “SUIDEN TERRASE”