Stevenson Overall Shirt – Japan Made Vintage Wear

Stevenson Overall shirt is definitely one of our favourite vintage wear. This time, we will talk about their classic Smith shirt and Cody shirt.

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 2

Smith Shirt – Indigo

To start with the Smith shirt, it is a classic work shirt with a slim cut and two chest pockets. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the double layer on the shoulder. The back yoke also has a round cut down to enhance your mobility. The shirt itself is in stunning faded indigo as the chambray fabric was made with indigo-dyed yarn in Japan.

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 4

Furthermore, you will find Stevenson Overall applies vintage effects on the metal button. Thus the buttons are in indigo blue with a natural worn out looking.

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 6

Stevenson Overall Co. Smith Shirt - Indigo 8

There are also eyelets all along the back yoke and armpits. They are woven with vintage machine and stands out with a contrary green color.

Stevenson Overall Co. Cody Shirt - Indigo 2

Cody Shirt – Indigo

Stevenson Overall Co. Cody Shirt - Faded Indigo 2

Cody Shirt – Faded Indigo

When it comes to the Cody shirt, it is no doubt one of the signature pieces from Stevenson Overall Co. They are also in slim cut with two chest pockets. However, they are in different shape that gives a more classy and vintage look. The chest pockets also have two press buttons. It has two layers on the should and the front yoke goes down to the chest like an arrow while the back yoke cuts down in a v shape. It gives you a rigid slim fit outlook. As for material, it is Zimbabwe Cotton, which is extremely soft and smooth to wear with.

Stevenson Overall Co. Cody Shirt - Faded Indigo 6

Besides, there are four buttons on the sleeve. And all the beautiful stone buttons from a Japanese company – Belnap.

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Sustainable Clothing – forét Bait Sweatshirt

Sustainable clothing refers to clothes that bring less harm to the environment. In fact, a lot of Scandinavian brands have put effort on developing sustainable clothing. The common way to produce sustainable clothing is using eco friendly fabrics. And of course, let’s not forget the importance of slow fashion – clothes that have a long lasting designs and never get outdated. You can refer to our previous article to know more about sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Clothing

forét is a Copenhagen based clothing brand that produce sustainable clothing. The founders are two childhood friends, Jeppe and Jesper. Their design has a clean Scandinavian touch and they inject their childhood adventurous memories into the designs. And of course, they use organic cottons that meet with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


You may recognise their signature “Perch” icon, which is embroidered on the sweat.

forét Perch T Shirt - Midnight Blue

The nostalgic perch icon is very meaningful because it is a memory of the designers’ childhood adventure. Also, it represents the duality of calmness and excitement. Wearing this sweatshirt means that you are ready to go offline from the modern world and start your adventure.


Moreover, they are made in Portugal with 100% organic cotton.

forét Bait Sweatshirt - White

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Monitaly online now at ANDJOY Store. We are now a stockist of Monitaly.


Mr. Yuki Matsuda founded Monitaly in 1989. He has the vision to combine traditional American wears with the latest technology. Monitaly believes that the love towards traditional American causal wear is still there. So they re-created these wears with the latest fabric and craftsmanship. They love to use 100% linen to craft their products. They are so densely woven that you will find the garment ultra-lightweight and soft. It make them extremely comfortable to wear with. Also, it is Monitaly’s belief that their collections will age beautifully along time. Our Monialty’s collections are not only special for today, but also in the future as you wear them.

This season, we have Monitaly Drop Crotch Pants, Vacation Shirt, Henley Pullover and Cropped Field Jacket. Check out their latest arrivals now at ANDJOY.



Speaking of Scandinavian/Nordic designs, ANDJOY Store always love their minimalism. Their clothing give a clean touch with premium fabrics. Furthermore, they seldom change their styles frequently. Thus they can last for a long time and that’s why they call it the “slow fashion”.

We are very honored that our products are being featured on Milk Magazine Hong Kong (Issue 924, P.53). Check the article out to see how Scandinavian Minimalism and their organic products work fine with their “HYGG” lifestyle.

You can also check out the article online at Milk Magazine website. The products being featured are from Filippa K and NN07 as below:

  1. Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker – White

2. Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker – Limestone/Navy/White Mix

3. Filippa K Penn Cotton Twill Chino – Khaki

4. Filippa K Tencel Cotton Tee – Frosty Pink

5. Filippa K Ben Washed Poplin Shirt – Paris Blue

6. NN07 Giuseppe 1352 Seersucker Overshirt – Grey Mel.

7. NN07 Michael 3234 Tee – Navy Blue

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A lot of denim lovers are willing to go to Japan to buy denim pants because of its good hand craft technology, high quality fabric, professional hand wash and its good durable. Therefore, Japan’s denim are counted as one of the best in the world. Apart from Stevenson Overall Co. we have mentioned in the previous article, I will now introduce you the brand – KURO Denim.


Recently, I find a denim brand – KURO in Japan. You can see it in Ginza, Omotesando and other places. Its design is simple and casual. Yet, the quality is very good. The denim texture has a very soft touch. These include heavy jeans and light denim jackets. Furthermore, all products are made in Japan. The details are absolutely guaranteed.


The design of it is simple. Also, they combine Japanese tradition and modern culture. Just like their short-sleeved shirt, the sleeves are loose and it has the standard suit collar with a sleek to show the modern taste.

Kuro Dolman Sleeve S/S Shirt - Khaki

Designer named the brand as “KURO” because the Japanese eyes and hair are black, and many Japanese words contain this word, such as dark purple, eagle and so on.

2010 – officially founded KURO and presented with the Italian Pitti Uomo collection

2013 – opened its first direct store in Harajuku, Tokyo

2015 – Opened branches in Osaka store and Nagoya.

2017 – Opened flagship store in Ginza SIX, Ginza

2018 – Design for uniforms and clothing for “SUIDEN TERRASE”


Filippa K sneakers are now available online at ANDJOY

Filippa K Sneakers

In this SS19 collection, we have Filippa K sneakers – Morgan Low Mix. It is a classic low top model for casual or smart casual looks.Filippa K Sneakers

Filippa K Sneakers

The second Filippa K sneakers – Robert Low Mix. It is a basketball-inspired low top model with the combination of vintage and fresh colour.

These sneakers are made with 100% leather with suede details. Moreover, they come with removable and comfortable insole. The insole itself has a 3cm thickness and allow you to walk comfortably every day.

Due to the sneakers minimal designs, you can wear them with jeans, trousers and shirt. It will give you a Scandinavian neat and clean outfit.

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Shop Sun Buddies online now at ANDJOY.

Sun Buddies Online

Sun Buddies is a premium eyewear line from Sweden. However, It is actually under the brand Très Bien.

You may be surprised by Sun Buddies’ colourful and fancy design. In fact, the very first Sun Buddies designs actually come from the sunglasses worn by actress Bibi Andersson in the film “Persona”. That’s how Sun Buddies’ classic series “Bibi” come from.

Sun Buddies Bibi - Black

After that, the collection become famous among the fashion industry. Sun Buddies never stop working with designers, photographers and artists, making it one of the core elements of Sun Buddies. Recently, Sun Buddies is working with Carhartt for a cross-over series – The “Sun Buddies for Carhartt WIP”.

Moreover, Sun Buddies sunglasses have delightful colour and are usually handmade. They use Italian acetate frame with 100% UV protection Carl Zeiss lens.

Shop your Sun Buddies Online now at ANDJOY, including the styles of Bibi, Akira, Ozzy, Giorgio, Eddie, and Zinedine.


No Nationality 07 – The Journey

No Nationality 07( NN07) is a clothing brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Like the brand name itself, it is actually combined with three core concepts – “No Nationality” “Originals of Tomorrow” and “Deadly Dedicated”. 

NN07 has no boundaries and they have their own point of view to look at the world. They consider the brand as a journey and it’s the place and people they associate with during the journey that makes NN07 special. They focus on culture and personality but not nationality. There is no goal for this journey and it’s the moment during the journey that makes a difference. So, you will find NN07 set a destination for each of their collection and reflects the culture in both their catalogue and clothes. For example, NN07 has used South Africa as their destination for the SS19 collections. You will also find NN07 more than a fashion brand. If you take a look at their catalogue, you will find there is a lot of great places, food culture and people they have met during their journey, and they are more than happy to share these with all of you. 

Apart from that, NN07 doesn’t encourage mindless consumption. That is why they insist to create collections that can stand against time, which means the clothes are just like human being and will get along with you better when they age. Last but not least, it’s the quality of the clothes. NN07 pay attention to every details on their clothes, from fabric, craftsmanship, packaging, store designs, typography and even office space. That’s why they have described themselves as “Deadly Dedicated”.

ANDJOY Store has joined the journey of NN07 from . Are you ready to join our journey too? 

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Riot Division is a Ukrainian clothing brand that is famous for making techwear, such as their transformable parkas.  They focus on the functionality of the products and you can refer to our previous articles to know more about Riot Division and their transformable parkas.

This time, we are going to introduce you Riot Division Two Pockets Shorts and Concealed Shorts.

For their Concealed Shorts and Two Pockets Shorts, they use 4-way Nylon as the materials, making them stretchable in both crosswise and lengthwise directions. Thus they are very comfortable and allow you to perform a great degree of movement.

Riot Division Two Pockets Shorts

Riot Division Concealed Shorts

For Riot Division’s Two Pockets Shorts, they are all zip fly and feature Riot Division’s waterproof zipped back pockets. You can put your belongings inside thiese back pockets without worrying them to fall out or get wet.

Riot Division Two Pockets Shorts

For Riot Division’s Concealed Shorts, they are all zip fly and fitted with a large side pockets. It allows you to store more things and for your ease to organize your belongings inside this large pocket, there is an extra pocket under the skewed seam, for you to store small or valuable items.

Riot Division Concealed Shorts

Both Riot Division’s Two Pockets Shorts and Concealed Shorts come in Khaki and Black.
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If you love fashion but also care about planet earth, you may like to spend some time to learn about sustainable fashion.

What is sustainable fashion

It is to manufacture clothes in an environmental and socio-economical friendly way. These may include to reduce pollution during the whole process of manufacturing; to use fair trade certified material; to market and promote sale in a sustainable manner. More importantly, to encourage a sustainable consumption pattern.

Sustainable clothing

Manufacturer are improving their production cycle to reduce pollution. Like we have mentioned in the previous post, the French shoes maker Veja is an example. They have used material that will bring less harm to the environment. Beside, they choose to manufacture products with fair trade. Indeed, the concerns towards fashion sustainability have been raised overtime. Consumers nowadays care about how their clothes are made of. Therefore a lot of brands have prioritized their social responsibility and produce products that are sustainable.

Rekote partnered with Filippa K

Sustainable Consumption

We also learn from some Scandinavian brands on encouraging a more sustainable consumption pattern. This is a very active way to make fashion more sustainable by changing individual’s attitude on clothing. For instance, Nudie Jeans offers repair service to help customers repair their worn jeans. This allows the jeans to be worn for a long time instead of throwing them away after a short period of use. The Swedish brand Filippa K on the other hand recycles customers’ used clothes to produce new collections. Other Scandinavian brands like Our Legacy and NN07 have developed “timeless” collections. It means their collections can stand against time in terms of quality and style. This is the opposite of “fast fashion”.
We love clothes that are sustainable, they are usually in excellent quality and have a “timeless” style. ANDJOY Store will keep sourcing the best apparel goods for you, in terms of style and sustainability. Subscribe now and stay tuned.

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