If you love fashion but also care about planet earth, you may like to spend some time to learn about sustainable fashion.

What is sustainable fashion

It is to manufacture clothes in an environmental and socio-economical friendly way. These may include to reduce pollution during the whole process of manufacturing; to use fair trade certified material; to market and promote sale in a sustainable manner. More importantly, to encourage a sustainable consumption pattern.

Sustainable clothing

Manufacturer are improving their production cycle to reduce pollution. Like we have mentioned in the previous post, the French shoes maker Veja is an example. They have used material that will bring less harm to the environment. Beside, they choose to manufacture products with fair trade. Indeed, the concerns towards fashion sustainability have been raised overtime. Consumers nowadays care about how their clothes are made of. Therefore a lot of brands have prioritized their social responsibility and produce products that are sustainable.

Rekote partnered with Filippa K

Sustainable Consumption

We also learn from some Scandinavian brands on encouraging a more sustainable consumption pattern. This is a very active way to make fashion more sustainable by changing individual’s attitude on clothing. For instance, Nudie Jeans offers repair service to help customers repair their worn jeans. This allows the jeans to be worn for a long time instead of throwing them away after a short period of use. The Swedish brand Filippa K on the other hand recycles customers’ used clothes to produce new collections. Other Scandinavian brands like Our Legacy and NN07 have developed “timeless” collections. It means their collections can stand against time in terms of quality and style. This is the opposite of “fast fashion”.
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