No Nationality 07( NN07) is a clothing brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Like the brand name itself, it is actually combined with three core concepts – “No Nationality” “Originals of Tomorrow” and “Deadly Dedicated”. 

NN07 has no boundaries and they have their own point of view to look at the world. They consider the brand as a journey and it’s the place and people they associate with during the journey that makes NN07 special. They focus on culture and personality but not nationality. There is no goal for this journey and it’s the moment during the journey that makes a difference. So, you will find NN07 set a destination for each of their collection and reflects the culture in both their catalogue and clothes. For example, NN07 has used South Africa as their destination for the SS19 collections. You will also find NN07 more than a fashion brand. If you take a look at their catalogue, you will find there is a lot of great places, food culture and people they have met during their journey, and they are more than happy to share these with all of you. 

Apart from that, NN07 doesn’t encourage mindless consumption. That is why they insist to create collections that can stand against time, which means the clothes are just like human being and will get along with you better when they age. Last but not least, it’s the quality of the clothes. NN07 pay attention to every details on their clothes, from fabric, craftsmanship, packaging, store designs, typography and even office space. That’s why they have described themselves as “Deadly Dedicated”.

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