News – Vintage HUMAN MADE Tote Bag

Nigo has announced the release of HUMAN MADE Tote Bag. The Japanese clothing label has crafted a vintage style tote bag that is inspired from the early 40s.


Photo source: HBX


The tote bag is made of high oz canvas with its natural creamy color. The silhouette is finished in one garment and the panels are secured by heavy duty metal rivets to make it more durable – which also adds a vintage touch. The bag also features HUMAN MADE’s heart shape logo and its concept – Gears for Futuristic Teenagers.



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Made in Japan Denim Shirt – Stevenson Overall Co.

In this article, we will talk about the denim shirt from Stevenson Overall Co., a vintage Japanese brand. In the previous article, we have talked about the Cody denim shirt. And now we will move on to the trigger shirt,


Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 1


At the first glance, you may think that it looks very similar to the cody shirt. However, if you take a closer look, you will find that there are a few differences. First of all, the chest pocket on trigger only has one button while cody has two. Besides, cody has four buttons on the sleeves while trigger only has three. You may notice that the trigger denim shirt has less buttons than the cody shirt as it is designed for a more relaxed style.

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 6

Also, like other shirts from Stevenson Overall Co., it uses Belnap stone snap buttons. Belnap is a famous buttons manufacture under YKK. Their stone buttons have a beautiful color and excellent hold power.

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 7

At the back, the arched design of the collar shape matches with the back yokes.


And the denim shirt is made of zimbabwe cotton, a rare and high quality material. If you want to know more about zimbabwe cotton, head to our previous article for more information!

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Indigo 9

And it is slim fit. You can easily wear it as a outer shirt with sneakers and trousers.

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Olive 1


If you are looking for something brighter this Summer, take a look at the Olive color. Stevenson Overall Co. has just introduced this color in the Summer collection.Unlike the indigo denim shirt, it is made of linen blend twill (Cotton 70% Linen 15% Ramie 15%).

Stevenson Overall Co. Trigger Shirt - Olive 5

It also uses Belnap stone snap buttons but in a more milky color.

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Vintage Workwear – Canvas Shirt from forét

If you are a workwear lover then canvas shirt is no stranger to you. It is a good workwear as canvas is very durable and tear resistant. At the same time, the cotton also make it soft and comfortable to put on. In this article, you will know more about the canvas shirt from the Copenhagen based clothing brand – forét.


The Bear shirt is a classic collection from forét. It is a canvas work shirt with a vintage design. As a work shirt, it has a regular fit (not too tight or loose) to better flexibility when you are moving around. Besides, it also come with two large chest pockets.


Like the name forét itself (French word for “forest”), the brand loves to use earth tone. In the Bear shirt collections, they have applied a set of soft and bright color. They are easy to match with and will definitely lighten up your outfit.

forét Bear Shirt - Olive


forét Bear Shirt - Khaki


forét Bear Shirt - Dark Green

Dark Green

forét Bear Shirt - Ochre


forét Bear Shirt - Olive

If you take a closer look, it has a velcro patch with embroidered forét letters.

forét Bear Shirt - Khaki


If you are familiar with forét, then you will know they are a ECO friendly brand. The bear canvas shirt are made in Portugal with 100% organic cotton.

forét Bear Shirt - Ochre


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Stevenson Overall Co. Trousers – Vintage Work Pants

If you are a vintage workwear lover, you should take a look at Stevenson Overall Co. trousers.  This time, we are going to introduce you the Freelander Trousers.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander长裤-木炭石南灰

Freelander Trousers – Charcoal Heather

The design of this trousers come from vintage work pants. And like the Huntsman vest we have introduced in the previous article, it is made with wool cotton twill. You can actually wear them as a set together.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander长裤-木炭石南灰

The trousers feature two different back pockets – one with button closure and the other one without.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander Trousers - Charcoal Heather

Also, there are two adjustable belts on two sides. And they are applied with sliver detailed buckles. You can tighten it up for better fitting. Furthermore, it has pant loops for wearing belt.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander Trousers - Charcoal Heather

The trousers are already folded up. Of course, you can always roll it up a little bit more for better fitting and styling.

Stevenson Overall Co. Freelander長褲-木炭石南灰

The cutting is a bit loose. It allows you a degree of flexibility for work.

*The Model is 176cm tall with 30′ waist and wears size 29

Sun Buddies Giorgio – Classic Frames with Bold Colors

Sun Buddies Giorgio is a newer frame from Sun Buddies. If you know about Sun Buddies, you may be impressed by its colorful and eye catching frames. Yet, Sun Buddies take a step further and created Giorgio. It is a hybrid as it features a classic 1980’s frame with Sun Buddies’ signature color.

Sun Buddies Giorgio - Gold/Gremlin Green

Gold/Gremlin Green

Giorgio Gremin Green 3

As you can see, the sunglasses feature a classic aviator frame. However, Sun Buddies lightens it up with a sharp color – gremlin green. They make a great contrast and the green also add a great summer vibe. The frame is handmade with stainless steel and Italian Acetate.

Giorgio Gremin Green 4

Furthermore, Sun Buddies matches this sunglasses with a green carl Zeiss lenses that is 100% UV protection.

Giorgio Silver Brown 2

Silver/Brown Smoke

Another color of the Giorgio is more vintage. It has a silver temples and brown smoke temple tips.

Giorgio Silver Brown 4

Also, it matches with a light yellow Carl Zeiss lenses. The combination is perfect for vintage lovers.


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A Detailed Look at Stevenson Overall Co Huntsman Vest

In the previous article, we have introduced you the Deputy Jacket. This time, we will talk about Stevenson Overall Co Huntsman Vest.

Stevenson Overall Co insists to produce their clothes in a traditional way. Stevenson Overall Co. crafts the Huntsman Vest with respect to a classic hunting vest. In places where people treat hunting as a gentleman sport, they have a standard on hunting apparel. They have a few layers and a second layer is always a must item, which is usually a waistcoat or a vest.

Stevenson Overall Co. Huntsman背心 - 木炭石南灰

Charcoal Heather

Stevenson Overall Co. Huntsman Vest - Charcoal Heather

Stevenson Overall Co Huntsman Vest features four front pockets and an inner pocket. It is very important for hunting as they use these pockets to store the cartridge.

Stevenson Overall Co. Huntsman Vest - Charcoal Heather

Furthermore, it has a slim cutting with an adjuster belt at the back as a loosely fit vest will hinder your movement. Yet, this fitting will still allow you to move your upper body freely.

Stevenson Overall Co. Huntsman Vest - Charcoal Heather

There are five detailed buttons in dark amber color. And more importantly, the vest is made with wool cotton twill. This is like all classic hunting vests and jackets as this allows the clothes to keep you warm and give you a certain degree of flexibility.


As a causal wear, we recommend you to pair the Huntsman Vest with the Deputy Denim Jacket.

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Denim Jacket - Indigo


Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Denim Jacket - Indigo

Stevenson Overall Co always uses the flat fell seams method to craft their denim products. It gives more durability to the denim. And the Deputy Jacket is made with 12 Oz denim.

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy牛仔外套 - 靛蓝

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Denim Jacket - Indigo

You will always find the logo “Stevenson Overall Co” on the bronze buttons.

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Denim Jacket - Indigo

Furthermore, it has vertical pleats on back with diamond shaped adjuster belt. It can make the jacket looks slimmer.


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A Closer Look at Stevenson Overall Co Deputy Jacket

Stevenson Overall Co Deputy Jacket is a slim-fit vintage jacket. It uses different fabrics for its collar, cuff and lining.

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Jacket - Black Stripe

Stevenson Overall Co pays attention to details. The deputy jacket features suede pipping.

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Jacket - Black Stripe

Its pockets also have decorative stitching. Furthermore, the bar tacked pleats on front are in triangular shape.

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Jacket - Black Stripe

The top button is at a lower position so you can have a smaller v-zone on the front.

Stevenson Overall Co. Deputy Jacket - Black Stripe

Also, it has vertical pleats on back with diamond shape adjuster belt.

It uses a custom-produced selvedge dobby strip fabric and woven on vintage looms. Those yarns are hank dyed and woven with a low-tension to create a vintage-like characteristic.

stevenson overall co deputy jacket

This is how Stevenson Overall Co produces premium quality vintage jackets!


A lot of denim lovers are willing to go to Japan to buy denim pants because of its good hand craft technology, high quality fabric, professional hand wash and its good durable. Therefore, Japan’s denim are counted as one of the best in the world. Apart from Stevenson Overall Co. we have mentioned in the previous article, I will now introduce you the brand – KURO Denim.


Recently, I find a denim brand – KURO in Japan. You can see it in Ginza, Omotesando and other places. Its design is simple and casual. Yet, the quality is very good. The denim texture has a very soft touch. These include heavy jeans and light denim jackets. Furthermore, all products are made in Japan. The details are absolutely guaranteed.


The design of it is simple. Also, they combine Japanese tradition and modern culture. Just like their short-sleeved shirt, the sleeves are loose and it has the standard suit collar with a sleek to show the modern taste.

Kuro Dolman Sleeve S/S Shirt - Khaki

Designer named the brand as “KURO” because the Japanese eyes and hair are black, and many Japanese words contain this word, such as dark purple, eagle and so on.

2010 – officially founded KURO and presented with the Italian Pitti Uomo collection

2013 – opened its first direct store in Harajuku, Tokyo

2015 – Opened branches in Osaka store and Nagoya.

2017 – Opened flagship store in Ginza SIX, Ginza

2018 – Design for uniforms and clothing for “SUIDEN TERRASE”


Filippa K sneakers are now available online at ANDJOY

Filippa K Sneakers

In this SS19 collection, we have Filippa K sneakers – Morgan Low Mix. It is a classic low top model for casual or smart casual looks.Filippa K Sneakers

Filippa K Sneakers

The second Filippa K sneakers – Robert Low Mix. It is a basketball-inspired low top model with the combination of vintage and fresh colour.

These sneakers are made with 100% leather with suede details. Moreover, they come with removable and comfortable insole. The insole itself has a 3cm thickness and allow you to walk comfortably every day.

Due to the sneakers minimal designs, you can wear them with jeans, trousers and shirt. It will give you a Scandinavian neat and clean outfit.

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The history of the vintage denim brand Stevenson can be dated back to the 1920s. The brand was originally set up in Portland, Indiana.

Stevenson Overall Co. was then relaunched by Mr Atsusuke Tagaya and Mr Zip Stevenson. They share the same passion and love in vintage denim and leather products. They try to preserve the traditions of the brand and insist to use the flat fell seams method to craft their jeans. This handcrafted method is a salute to the traditional way of making jeans. Besides, it also makes your jeans more durable and withstand challenges over time.

Stevenson Overall Co. Jackets

Stevenson Overall Co. has also extended the traditional by representing other vintage style such as jackets and shirts. These vintage clothing has been given their rebirth with the hybrid of transitional craftsmanship and a modern touch.
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