Shop Denim Trench Coat from Kuro

In this Spring season, we have the new denim trench coat from Kuro, a Japanese denim clothing label.


Kuro Remake Denim Trench Coat - Faded Indigo Assort


All Kuro’s denim products are made in Okayama, the denim capital. They are all dyed and crafted with the finest material and craftsmanship. This trench coat is in faded indigo. Yet, it is also paired with patch work and unbalanced pockets.


Kuro Remake Denim Trench Coat - Faded Indigo Assort The trench coat is made of selvedge denim, which is more sturdy and durable.


Kuro Remake Denim Trench Coat - Faded Indigo Assort


Kuro has also added two belt loop hole for those who would like to use a belt on a trench coat.



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Shop Good News Slider Sneaker

Good News Slider is a new item in their SS 2020 collection and is now available online at ANDJOY Store. In this season, Good News has updated their sustainable sneakers with more pattern and texture. The slider sneaker a new design equipped with denim patch upper.

Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim


As usual, it uses organic cotton to create the upper and recycle rubber to make the outsole. For lining, it also applies organic cotton.


Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim



Yet, Good News has replaced all the eyelets with shinny metal. Moreover, it features different level of blue colors to make the patchwork more attractive.

Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim

At the back, you will find Good News logo in a matching gum color.

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Shop Stevenson Overall Co. San Francisco 747 Jeans

The backbone of Stevenson Overalls collection is the ‘SAN FRANCISCO’. Thus, the San Francisco 747 jeans has always been their signature denim items. It has been produced every season since the brand was set up.


Stevenson Overall Co. San Fransisco 747 One Wash Jeans


Stevenson Overall Co. San Fransisco 747 One Wash Jeans


The jeans is crafted with original 13oz Raw Denim.


Stevenson Overall Co. San Fransisco 747 One Wash Jeans


The denim fabric is exclusive for Stevenson Overalls Co. They are made from a vintage shuttle loom with Zimbabwe cotton. Furthermore, these are selvedge denim that are known for their durability and rigidness.


Stevenson Overall Co. San Fransisco 747 One Wash Jeans


The San Francisco jeans include specific vintage details, for instance, there are exposed rivets on the back pockets and crotch.


Stevenson Overall Co. San Fransisco 747 One Wash Jeans


There are a lot of traditional denim characters on the denim. The curved belt loops, back pockets and coin pockets are all crafted with traditional single stitch flat felled seam method, which was mainly used in the 1920s for denim production.


Stevenson Overall Co. San Fransisco 747 One Wash Jeans


It features a wide straight leg cutting.


The San Francisco 747 jeans is not only a well crafted raw denim, but also a respect to the traditional know-how on denim production.

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KAPITAL – Japanese Denim Brand

The name “KAPITAL” comes from Kojima, Okayama, which is also the ‘Denim Capital’ of Japan. KAPITAL is actually the brainchild of a father and son – Mr. Toshiyoko and Mr. Kiro. They mainly focus on American vintage style and the quality of the products. And they have the belief to pursue quality of production, not marketing. As a result, “KAPITAL” has become a synonym of quality denim.
kapital timout
Photo Source: Timeout
Their signature design is using mid-century American heritage production techniques to create denim and workwear.
kapital jacket
Photo Source: Mr porter
On the other hand, they combine these denim with patch work that features Japanese traditional culture. Moreover, they make them unique by injecting Japanese style blue colors.
kapital jeans
Photo Source: Heddels
KAPITAL’s jeans are also their most popular products. Especially the quality raw denim with beautiful stitching and a vintage leather patch.
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FDMTL 2019 AW Collection

FDMTL 2019 collection has been unveiled. If you are a denim or patchwork lover, then you have probably heard of FDMTL. Tsuyoshi Gaku founded the brand in 2005. It has become a Japanese label that stands for quality clothing. Its signature design is denim patchwork with stunning Japanese blue.



In their latest collection, they have created a trailer to represent its products and visual identity – by featuring 15 individuals’ living in Tokyo.




The ones to watch in FDMTL 2019 AW collection will be the bomber jacket, which combines the design of a classic MA-1 jacket with traditional Japan blue color. Also, it features FDMTL’s signature Sashiko patterns, patchworks, Jacquard weaving, digital printing and embroidery.

The Beauty of Denim Outfit

Denim outfit is no stranger to you all. Some people loves to wear them as a causal look while some even choose to wear them as a daily wear. It is something so common that you will possibly find one in anyone’s wardrobe. Despite its popularity, each denim outfit has its own story and characteristic. As the more you wear them, they tend to age according to your habit and style. Indeed, many people wear their denim for years and they even love them more and more. Denim outfit are so tough and durable that they can be worn for a very long period of time. It’s also the reason why people like them. However, do you know the history of denim outfit?

History of Denim Outfit

denim blog history

(Photo Sources: Jambi Tribun News)

In the past, jeans are workers uniform. And they were invented by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873. As Levi saw the Gold Rush opportunity in the West, he soon moved to San Francisco. He then sell family goods and cotton clothes. At the same time, Jacob Davis was a tailor there and one of his clients ordered a sturdy pants that can withstand the toughness of his work. Thus, Jacob made the jeans from the denim he sourced from Levi, and added cooper rivets to make them stronger. Eventually, it become a great hit and Jacab and Levi then become partners to create more jeans.

Modern Denim Outfit

Stevenson Desktop Square

Stevenson Overall Co.


As time goes by, denim outfit has become fashion items. Designers use it on jackets, shirts, jeans and even sneakers. Furthermore, denim outfit has been adapted into different styles as well. For example, street, minimal, techwear and vintage.

kuro lifestyle



And even the color of denim has been expanded. Not only indigo but also other colors such as black or white. And the type of fabrics has also expanded. Some brands even use premium fabric such as Zimbabwe cotton to craft denim and give them a softer touch.

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 8

Stevenson Overall Co.


And it’s interesting that Japan has now become the quality denim factory. Head to our previous article to know more.

NN07 Hiroki 1807 Denim Jacket - Blue Denim

Made in Japan NN07 Denim Jacket


Crafted with Pride – Kuro Loose Denim Jacket

If you are a denim lover, you should not miss Kuro loose denim jacket. Kuro is a Japanese denim brand, all of their denim are crafted in Okayama, the “denim capital”. They are all hand made and dyed with top quality craftsmanship.


In fact, Kuro loose denim collection is one of their bestsellers. They feature a loose and relax fitting with the finest cotton. The loose denim jacket we are going to introduce you is a classic item from Kuro.


The loose denim jacket are made with 100% cotton and high fine warp to slowly woven with shuttle loom. As a result, it has a very thick and visually rich texture. This production method also gives it the softness you don’t usually find on other denim jackets.

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash - Off White

Off White

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash - Off White

A close up will show you the texture of the jacket. It also uses bronze buttons, which gives it a more vintage touch.

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash - Off White

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash - Off White

The T-shape design is a signature of Kuro loose denim jacket. It gives you a drop shoulder fitting and a solid look at the same time.

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash - Off White

The one sided pocket is also another signature design for the jacket.

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash - Off White

You will find four threads at the back.

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo


If you are interested in other denim jacket from Kuro,  you can head to our previous blog for more information.

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigokuro lifestyle

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A Hybrid of Jeans and Stretch Pants

Do you like the flexibility of a stretch pants and the outlook of a jeans? Have you ever thought of having them both at the same time?  Stevenson Overall Co. gives you the perfect answer in their SS19 collections. Their new Messenger Trousers has the functionality of a stretch pants while keeping a denim’s touch and outlook.

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 1


Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Black 1


The fabric is very special. It has a denim touch and it elastic. And it is made of quality Zimbabwe cotton. That’s why it is very soft and comfortable. If you want to know what is Zimbabwe cotton, head to our previous article for more details!

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 7

Also, like other denim from Stevenson Overall Co, this stretch pants will age beautifully over time.

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 6Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 5

In terms of functionality, it has four side pockets and a change pocket.

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 10Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Black 3

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 8

And if you roll it up, you will find it has the lining of a selvage denim. It is made with skillful craftsmanship from Japan and will not unravel even upon vigorous use.


Interested in Stevenson Overall Co.? Check out their other products at ANDJOY and read our articles to know more about the brand!

Choice of Cotton Matters – Kuro Denim Jacket

This time, we will talk about Kuro denim jacket. And we will start by an interview from HIGHSNOBIETY, a Japanese media.

Kuro Denim designer Mr. Yabashi Tadashi was recently interviewed together with Mr. Atsushi Yamamoto, who manages a denim processing factory in Kojima, Japan.

They have been working together on Kuro’s denim collections for a long time. As they believe that although there are lots of fabrics to make denim products, different processing method will give a different result.

That’s why Kuro’s denim are all dyed and processed in Kojima, the denim city. As it is their own know-how and pride to craft a good denim. And Kuro denim jacket is definitely the product to claim this statement.

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo


The denim jacket is hand dyed in the factory in Kojima, which gives it a stunning indigo blue. This raw denim will also fade over time as you wear it.


However, what really makes it special is the fabric Kuro chooses – Zimbabwe cotton. Different cotton has different staple length, and the longer is the length, the softer and harrier the fabrics it will produce. Zimbabwe cotton is one of the cotton that has the longest stable length on our planet. Thus, kuro denim jacket is very soft and smooth. However, Zimbabwe cotton is also extremely rare. As they can only be grown by a few number of farmers in South Africa. And they can only harvest by hand every year. As a result, they are not commonly used by denim makers. But obviously, Kuro is not an ordinary denim maker and they never disappoint you.

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - IndigoKuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo


If you would like to know more about Kuro, you can always head to our previous article!


A lot of denim lovers are willing to go to Japan to buy denim pants because of its good hand craft technology, high quality fabric, professional hand wash and its good durable. Therefore, Japan’s denim are counted as one of the best in the world. Apart from Stevenson Overall Co. we have mentioned in the previous article, I will now introduce you the brand – KURO Denim.


Recently, I find a denim brand – KURO in Japan. You can see it in Ginza, Omotesando and other places. Its design is simple and casual. Yet, the quality is very good. The denim texture has a very soft touch. These include heavy jeans and light denim jackets. Furthermore, all products are made in Japan. The details are absolutely guaranteed.


The design of it is simple. Also, they combine Japanese tradition and modern culture. Just like their short-sleeved shirt, the sleeves are loose and it has the standard suit collar with a sleek to show the modern taste.

Kuro Dolman Sleeve S/S Shirt - Khaki

Designer named the brand as “KURO” because the Japanese eyes and hair are black, and many Japanese words contain this word, such as dark purple, eagle and so on.

2010 – officially founded KURO and presented with the Italian Pitti Uomo collection

2013 – opened its first direct store in Harajuku, Tokyo

2015 – Opened branches in Osaka store and Nagoya.

2017 – Opened flagship store in Ginza SIX, Ginza

2018 – Design for uniforms and clothing for “SUIDEN TERRASE”