Bomber jacket is one of the most popular winter wear. Do you know how they have evolved from the B-15 jacket? Bomber jackets are designed for pilots. In the past, the insulation in the cockpit were very poor. Thus, pilots have to wear bomber jackets with very good insulation and a fur collar to keep them warm. And these are the traditional B-15 jacket.

Monitaly B-15 Bomber Jacket - Vancloth Sateen Olive

Monitaly B-15 Bomber Jacket


In 1949, there was a technology advancement in aircraft and the cockpit had better insulation. As a result, pilots are no longer needed to put on a thick bomber jacket. Thus, the bomber jacket also evolved from B-15 to the MA-1. The MA-1 is thinner and does not has a fur collar.



Not only the shape but also the color of bomber jacket evolved. The standard color of bomber jacket was midnight blue.  However, more sage, olive and green bomber jackets were produced during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. These colors allow the pilots to adapt to the jungle and surrounding, which give them better protection.


And you may notice that many bomber jackets have an orange lining. It is because if accident happens, the pilots can wear the bomber jackets inside out. Thus, he will be more easily spotted by rescuer with the sharp orange color.

ladies bomber jacket

Photo Source: Bershka


After more than 70 years, bomber jackets have become a fashionable style.They feature a good army/vintage look and most of them are even unisex.


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