You may notice that Japan is one of the world leading denim factory and they have denim dyed in a wide range of stunning Japan blue. Yet, Rome wasn’t built in a day and blue color actually has a very long history in Japan.


The History of Japan Blue Color

The story can be dated back to the Edo Period (1603-1868), when the indigo dyeing industry started to flourish in Japan. During this period, there were different social classes in Japan and there are restriction on the clothes and color they can wear. For instance, luxury fabrics like silk are only available to the upper class. On the other hand, normal citizens only use cotton and hemp to make their clothes. And they were permitted to dye them in a few color only – indigo was one of them.


Yet, the restriction didn’t limit the creativity of the citizens and they created a wide range of indigo to make their garments more colorful. In the history of Japan blue color, it has about 65 different types of blue. And there are mainly 5 major types as shown below –  AiJiro, Airro, Seiran, Konjyo and Tetsukon. (Left to Right). They are from light to dark tone and there are more variation in between these 5 major types.

japan blue

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers - Indigo 4

Stevenson Overall Co. Messenger Trousers


In addition, the traditional dyeing method involve the use of natural plant. They don’t just make stunning blue color, but also has the advantage of antibacterial, and dirt repelling.

Monitaly Shaggy Tyrolean Jacket - Solid Navy

Monitaly Shaggy Tyrolean Jacket


NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt - True Blue

NN07 Miyagi 5029 Lyocell-Linen Shirt


Till now, Japan blue color is not about class and differentiation but culture and traditional know-how. It is being loved by denim and fashion lovers from all over the world.