Casio has just announced the G-SHOCK 5000 series in Titanium. Despite the classic outlook, the new GMW-B5000TB has a new case, band, bezel and buttons made with titanium. As a result, it weights 57 grams less than its antecedent.


Casio x G Shock

Photo source: Casio


There are still other new features, for instance, it has a non-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to improve protection and durability. The gold scripts and accent is also the first attempt on a G-SHOCK according to Casio.


Moreover, it has a STN LCD display with Casio’s tough solar movement. They claim it can operate for 22 months under power-saving mode. And most importantly, it has Bluetooth connectivity. If you have installed the G-SHOCK’s app on your phone, you can connect the watch and adjust settings on your phone.

Casio x G Shock box

Photo source: Casio


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