WTAPS x NEIGHBORHOOD has released a new crossover collection, which is between the two legendary Japanese clothing labels.



Photo source: WTAPS

“I was too close and didn’t think about that.”  said Tetsu Nishiyama, founder of WTAPS.


According to Tetsu, he was working with A BATHING APE, PORTER and NEIGHBORHOOD under the name BROTHER HOOD, the time when mobile phone hasn’t become popular yet. And as a personal organizer, he didn’t realize such as an collaboration. And he referred that the collaboration was about NEIGHBORHOOD, not WTAPS.



Photo source: WTAPS

“Twenty years later, finally.” said Shinsuke Takizawa, founder of NEIGHBORHOOD.


He said that collaboration will be left to Tetsu. It is not easy to take this role but he can do. Shinsuke describes this unexpectedness as a game and it’s a pleasure to see how Tetsu express the collections.


The collection will be available in January 2020 and will feature bomber jacket, button shirt and tees.

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