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News – G Shock x Bruce Lee

G Shock x Bruce Lee is coming soon. CASIO is renewing their high-end Mr-G collection with a special Bruce Lee edition, which is limited to only 300 pieces. This collection is to celebrate Bruce Lee’s 80 Birthday, the legendary martial artist and film star who passed away in 1973.


G shock x bruce lee 2

Photo source: CASIO


The packing features two dragons embroideries in gold, which is the symbol of Bruce Lee.


G shock x bruce lee 3

Photo source from CASIO


The whole watch has been applied with yellow and black color – the same as the suit Bruce Lee wears in the film “Game of Death”. The rubber band is made of Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber, which is durable and can keep your wrist comfortable. On the other hand, the sapphire glass crystal is highly scratch resistance. On the dial, you will also find the Chinese character “Dragon”.


Like every MR-G, it is highly functional. It has 200M Water Resistance, GPS, Tough Solar, Bluetooth and Radio connectivity, and super Illuminator.

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CLOT x CASIO has come together for a new collaboration since they have last worked together in 2013. This time, they are working on a G-SHOCK DW-5750 model from 1987,  which features a all time classic circular face.


Photo source: JUICE Store


This time piece features a transparent case. Also, it has a CLOT-inspired red digital time display and engraved CLOT logo on the back of the case.




Photo source: JUICE Store


The watch is paired with a simple versatile nylon strap. Yet, you will find a total of 9 interchangeable straps in the beautiful nonagon display case, including a special CLOT Black Silk Royale strap together with other colorful rubber straps.



Photo source: JUICE Store

It will be released on 8th January 2020 in JUICE Store. The retail price will be HKD 1,980.

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News – Casio G-SHOCK Metal Camouflage

This year, Casio has launched a limited G-SHOCK Metal Camouflage. The collection features two iconic flagship models – GMWB5000 and MTGB1000. The GWB5000 has a titanium body and band while the MTGB1000 is made of stainless steel.


The Camouflage is one of a kind as they are “printed” to the titanium / stainless steel with laser. The GMWB5000 will cost USD 1,600 while the MTGB1000 will cost USD 1,200.


G-shock in Camouflage print

Photo Source: G-Shock


In terms of functions, they come with Bluetooth connected capabilities and can be synced with your smart phone.

Both of them feature 200M water resistance and shock resistance, super illuminator LED light (GMWB5000), full auto LED light (MTGB1000), daily alarm, World Time (27 Time Zones), countdown timer and full auto calendar.

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News – Yoon Hyup x G-SHOCK

The Yoon Hyup x G-SHOCK collaboration will be launching on 25th October. The collaboration features G-SHOCK military style DW-6900 in army green. And it is redesigned by Korean artist Yoon Hyup.


Yoon Hyup x G-SHOCK

Photo Source: @ynhp


The artist’s signature dot and line Morse code designs are all over the watch’s band. And these Morse codes actually mean something. They are all initials that refer to New York related wordings.  The watch is limited and will be available at G-SHOCK Soho in NYC.



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News – The New MTG B1000XBD

G-SHOCK has added a new style to the Metal-Twisted G-SHOCK (MTG) collection – the MTG B1000XBD.


If you are familiar with the MTG, then you will know the strong functionality – tough solar movement, chronograph layout, dual time display, Bluetooth connectivity, Sapphire Glass with non-reflective coating, super illuminator and  time calibration signal reception etc. These are all on the new MTG B1000XBD.


Despite the classic design of a MTG, what you will find on the MTG B1000XBD is the carbon bezel. The carbon-fibre bezel has replaced the traditional stainless steel, which lower its weight to 171g only (Classic MTG B1000D weights 182g). Moreover, it has equipped with G-SHOCK carbon-fibre reinforced resin case for greater protection. And of course, beneath the bezel, you still have a stainless steel core guard and band.





Photo Source: G-SHOCK


If you are a more sporty user, it also comes with an alternative model with a rubber band. The accent will be blue and black instead.



Photo Source: G-SHOCK



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News – G-SHOCK 5000 Series in Titanium

Casio has just announced the G-SHOCK 5000 series in Titanium. Despite the classic outlook, the new GMW-B5000TB has a new case, band, bezel and buttons made with titanium. As a result, it weights 57 grams less than its antecedent.


Casio x G Shock

Photo source: Casio


There are still other new features, for instance, it has a non-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire crystal to improve protection and durability. The gold scripts and accent is also the first attempt on a G-SHOCK according to Casio.


Moreover, it has a STN LCD display with Casio’s tough solar movement. They claim it can operate for 22 months under power-saving mode. And most importantly, it has Bluetooth connectivity. If you have installed the G-SHOCK’s app on your phone, you can connect the watch and adjust settings on your phone.

Casio x G Shock box

Photo source: Casio


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