Embroidery is an ancient crafting technique in clothing. It is believed that the origin come from China as early as 5th century B.C. They were found on different garments with the form of traditional dragon, phoenix or landscape. Different places have embroidery with different characteristics. For instances, you can find a lot of patterned embroideries in Japan while Europe is popular with flower shaped embroideries.

Japan Embroidery

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Embroidery is a process to decorate garment. It takes a needle to apply yarn and create certain pattern. It has a long history in the fashion industry and it represents the idea of luxury and quality. In the past, all embroideries are hand made. It requires a lot of time and human resources to produce. And people wore clothes with embroidery to show their wealth and status. In traditional Chinese wedding, the more embroideries you have on the wedding dress, the more elegant and noble you are.

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And in nowadays, embroidery has become popular in daily fashion. With the help of modern technology and machines, it can be achieved at lower cost. Thus, you will find them on t-shirts, shirts, jackets or even sneakers. The pattern or graphic created with embroideries is different from print. They have a rich texture with more layer. In fact, even a lot of minimal designs feature embroideries to make them more special.

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