Okayama is a little town in Japan. Yet, it is famous for denim production and it is being referred as the “Denim Capital” of Japan. Denim products come from Okayama are considered to be more premium than the others because of their quality. Thus, a lot of Japanese denim brands work with the factories in Okayama, for instance, Kuro and Stevenson Overall Co.
The history of denim production in Okayama traces back to the early twentieth century, when it played an important role in Japan’s textile industry. Okayama has more than a hundred years history on work wear production. Their first pair of jeans were made in 1967 during the WWII. It has then become one of the largest hub for work wear and school uniforms in Japan.
Okayama denim
Photo Source: Pinterest
After a few decades, it becomes one of the best denim producers. Due to the industrial revolution in the US, they switch to use more advanced machinery in the factories. As a result, traditional textile machine and vintage looms have been shipped to Okayama. Thus, even traditional know-how on crafting denim also shifted from the US to Japan. Ironically, even Levis features a premium collection that is “made in Japan” as they can deliver the vintage touch of a traditional denim.