Uniqlo has been actively cooperating with other brands recently. Apart from JW Anderson we have mentioned in the previous article, they have also teamed up with Engineered Garments. The Uniqlo x Engineered Garments collection features some classic Uniqlo items re-fabricated by Engineered Garments, a New York- based contemporary fashion label founded by Japanese designer Daiki Suzuki.


Uniqlo x Engineered Garments2

Uniqlo x Engineered Garments 3

Uniqlo x Engineered Garments 4

Photo source: Uniqlo


Engineered Garments’ designs are all about fabrics. And they have utilized Uniqlo’s products by mixing the fleece and creating patterns to make them one of a kind. And of course, it’s a great opportunity for fans to enjoy Engineered Garments’ designs at reasonable price.  Check out these products at Uniqlo.

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