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Sustainable Trainers for 2020

Good News London is specialized in producing sustainable trainers. All the raw materials they have chosen are eco-friendly.

Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim Good News Ace Sneaker - Brown Check Good News Ace Sneaker - Neon Check Good News Ace Sneaker - Navy Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Oatmeal Gum

The rubber outsole is made of recycled rubber. They have turned used tyre to a bouncy outsole by going through a set of softening process.


Normal footbed is made of petroleum. Yet, Good News’ are made of bio-oil extracted from Castor beans – they are not only sustainable but also more comfortable than other insoles.



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Sustainable Canvas Shoes for 2020

If you are looking for a pair of canvas shoes that is special, how about one that is sustainable? No doubt sustainable fashion has become a new trend.


Speaking of sustainable sneakers, most will think of Veja. Indeed, they have spent a lot of effort on sourcing the right raw material, factory and to make sure the whole supply chain is sustainable.


Apart from Veja, may be you can also take a look at Good News, which is a new footwear brand from London. They focus on making sustainable canvas shoes. These canvas shoes feature upper, lining and shoes laces that are made of organic cotton.


Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim

Good News Ace Sneaker - Brown Check

Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy


Moreover, the sole is made of recycled tires. These used tires have gone through a series of processes to make sure they are softened. As a result, you get a beautiful and bouncy cushion. As for the insole, they have replaced petroleum with Castor Bean oil. The bio-oil is more environmental friendly and the insole is even more bouncy than the others. And they pay attention to packaging too, the shoes boxes are made of recycled cardboard.


Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Oatmeal Gum Good News Ace Sneaker - Neon Check Good News Ace Sneaker - Navy


And Good News even make use of the waste produced. They have recycled these unused materials during the production process and created sneakers and shoes for children in need.


Indeed, these canvas shoes are the Good News to the environment.



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Shop Good News Slider Sneaker

Good News Slider is a new item in their SS 2020 collection and is now available online at ANDJOY Store. In this season, Good News has updated their sustainable sneakers with more pattern and texture. The slider sneaker a new design equipped with denim patch upper.

Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim


As usual, it uses organic cotton to create the upper and recycle rubber to make the outsole. For lining, it also applies organic cotton.


Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim



Yet, Good News has replaced all the eyelets with shinny metal. Moreover, it features different level of blue colors to make the patchwork more attractive.

Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim

At the back, you will find Good News logo in a matching gum color.

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News – VEJA Condor Running Shoes

VEJA Condor Running Shoes is a new collection from the sustainable shoes maker VEJA.


VEJA Condor Running Shoes VEJA Condor Running Shoes VEJA Condor Running Shoes VEJA Condor Running Shoes

Photo source: VEJA


According to VEJA, they spent four years of Research & Development on the Condor and it’s their very first running shoes.


Just like any other VEJA’s products, this sneaker is ecological and they have used a lot of innovative technology on it. The shape is inspired from the bird bone structure of Condor – which it is being named after. The shoes is extremely flexible and light, thus it is effective for running.


In terms of material, the Condor is 53% natural-based and recycled. It mixes innovative fabrics such as the Alveomesh (made of 100% recycled plastic bottles), and natural materials such as Ricinus oil, natural latex, banana oil, sugar cane, rice husk (wastes from the food industry) and wild rubber from the Amazonian forest. More importantly, they are made in Brazil in a factory that respects workers’ rights.



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Nike’s Sustainable Journey – Move to Zero

Move to Zero is Nike’s sustainable plan to cope with climate change, bringing the idea of “if there is no planet, there is no sport”. The ultimate target of the plan is to achieve zero carbon emission and zero waste. Let’s check out the details of Nike’s plan as below:


1. To power self-owned facilities with 100 percent renewable energy by 2025.

2. To reduce carbon emissions across its global supply chain by 30 percent by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreement of 2015.

3. To divert 99 percent of all footwear manufacturing waste from landfills.

4. To divert more than 1 billion plastic bottles per year from landfills to create yarns for new jerseys and uppers for Flyknit shoes.

5. Reuse-A-Shoe and Nike Grind programs will convert waste into new products, playgrounds, running tracks and courts.


move to zero

Photo source: REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch


Whether or not the Move to Zero campaign is going to work is still unknown. Yet, Nike is being doubted on the lack of action to improve the raw material’s sustainability along the supply chain. Although they claim they have little leverage power over the industry, people believe that a sportswear brand with 39.1 billion dollars revenue can certainly do more. In fact, criticism is still going on in regards to Nike’s abuse on human right in the supply chain earlier in June this year.


In a global warming world, sustainability has become every brand’s responsibility. ECO friendly move along the supply chain is necessary.


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Sustainable Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are one of the most popular type of shoes. It has a very basic look which is easy to match. Unlike leather, canvas is also easy to take care of. Thus, they are so popular that you can find various of canvas shoes in the market. But at ANDJOY, we also care about products’ sustainability. Thus, we would like a pair of canvas shoes that are eco friendly and sustainable. In the previous articles, we talked about Good News sneakers. Today, we will discover more about their canvas shoes collections.


Sustainable Material

The canvas fabric is usually made with cotton or linen. They are extremely durable because the fabric is tightly woven. For Good News sneakers, the canvas is made with organic cotton. If you want to know more about organic cotton and why they are eco friendly, don’t forget to check out our Organic Cotton 101.

Good News Hurler Low Sneaker - Navy Brown

Hurler Low Sneaker – Navy Brown

The outsole is actually recycled rubber. These rubber come from used tires and shoes. They have an exaggerating look and if you flip it around, you will find there are pattern on the sole for better grip.

Good News Hurler Low Sneaker - Navy Brown


Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - White

Bagger Low Sneaker – White

Bagger Low sneaker has very similar designs as the Hurler low sneakers. The main difference will be the color. Hurler sneakers usually have sharper color and patterns while bagger sneakers have a more minimal and basic outlook.

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - White

Furthermore, the removable insole is actually a mixture of bio-oil and recycled rubber, which gives it a very thick cushion and remain sustainable.

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - White

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Black

Bagger Low Sneaker – Black

Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Black

You can see the lining much clearly on the black one because of the contrast in color. It is worth mentioning that even the lining is made of 100% organic cotton. It makes Good News a true sustainable canvas shoes.


More than that, Good News also care about their social responsibility and participate in different charity work. Head to our previous blog to find out more!

How to Dress in Scandi Style – Minimal Sneakers

With the rise of minimalism, people are craving for Scandinavian designs with a neat touch. Instead of clothes with sharp and high contrast color, we look for those with soft and basic color, like white, pale blue, mint green or black. But what’s complete a Scandi look is a pair of minimal sneakers. It can be as simple as a pair of white leather trainers. It helps to keep your outlook consistent without drawing the attention. And minimal sneakers are easy to match too. Their subtle designs help to blend into different styles, smart causal, vintage or even a relaxed outfit during the weekend.

Minimal Sneakers

sneakers blogPhoto Source: Filippa K


Speaking of minimal sneakers, we have to mention Filippa K. They are a leader in Scandi style. Their sneakers are made with quality leather in Portugal. These minimal sneakers have a very clean but unique shape. And they have a matching soft beige leather patch for a more luxurious touch.

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker - White

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker


Photo Source: Filippa K


Thus, these white leather sneakers can match your pants and shorts for either a causal or smart causal look.


Minimal sneakers are not the sole right of Scandinavian brand. Good News from London also provide minimal sneakers that are sustainable.

sustainable sneakers

As explained in the previous article, these sneakers are completely sustainable, from their insole, organic cotton upper to the outsole that is made with recycled rubber. If you are interested in sustainable sneakers, don’t forget to check out Veja as well!

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker - Olive

Good News Softball 2 Low Sneaker

Good News also uses soft Scandi color for their sneakers. The exaggerated outsole has become its signature and they are suitable for a more relaxed minimal look. In fact, even the Copenhagen based NN07 loves Good News so much that they showcase them together with their collections in the new concept store.

nn07 good news

Photo Source: NN07

Good News London – Sustainable Sneakers

Many has raised concern on products’ sustainability, even for fashion, that’s why we will talk about the sustainable sneaker from London – Good News. They produce sustainable sneakers and take up social responsibility – such as fair trade, produce shoes with left over materials and donate to people in need and raise fund for children in poverty.


Their sustainable sneakers are made of organic cotton, recycled rubber, a bouncy cushioned footbed and matted eyelets. You can also find more details from our previous blog. Today, we will talk about the material they use in further details and use their most popular model as a showcase – the Bagger 2 Low.

Upper and Outsole

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Off White

Off WhiteGood News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black


First of all, the upper and lining of the sneakers are made of organic cotton. They are all produced without the use of toxins, pesticides, chemical fertilizers nor GMO seeds.


And probably you will be attracted by the exaggerated outsole. This rubber outsole is made of recycled rubber. These rubber come from used car tires and old shoes. It gives these abandoned rubber a new life and the factory process these rubber in a non-toxic way to give them the max softness – to bring you the greatest comfort.

Good News Bagger 2 Low Sneaker - Black

The outsole is vulcanized to give you better grip.


sustainable sneakers sustainable sneakers

And what’s complete it as a sustainable sneakers is its insole. Normally, insole is made of Polyurethane foams that contains petroleum. As an eco-friendly brand, Good News replaces it with their own recipe. Good News has invented their own footbed – Airfoam ECO 20. It contains bio-oil and recycled rubber. Th bio-oil is extracted from Castor beans. As a result, this insole is not only environmental friendly, but also very bouncy and serve as a good cushion.

Getting Better as it Ages

sustainable sneakers

This Bagger 2 low sneakers has been worn for a while and it gives me great comfort as a daily kick. Thanks to its huge soft rubber outsole and the bouncy insole.

bagger 2 low sneakers bagger 2 low sneakers

Moreover, the patch at the back is lifted up a bit to prevent it from contact with the ground. Thus, it is more durable. You might notice that the word “GOOD NEWS” is in the same patch, while the older generation have “GOOD” and “NEWS” separated into the patches on the left and right foot.


A sustainable sneakers is not only about its material but also its long lasting. Good News sneakers are very durable and they seldom change the style. In fact, I love the sneakers more as I wear it. It has become a reflection of my characteristic and styles.