If you are looking for a pair of canvas shoes that is special, how about one that is sustainable? No doubt sustainable fashion has become a new trend.


Speaking of sustainable sneakers, most will think of Veja. Indeed, they have spent a lot of effort on sourcing the right raw material, factory and to make sure the whole supply chain is sustainable.


Apart from Veja, may be you can also take a look at Good News, which is a new footwear brand from London. They focus on making sustainable canvas shoes. These canvas shoes feature upper, lining and shoes laces that are made of organic cotton.


Good News Slider Sneaker - Denim

Good News Ace Sneaker - Brown Check

Good News Hurler 2 Low Sneaker - Navy


Moreover, the sole is made of recycled tires. These used tires have gone through a series of processes to make sure they are softened. As a result, you get a beautiful and bouncy cushion. As for the insole, they have replaced petroleum with Castor Bean oil. The bio-oil is more environmental friendly and the insole is even more bouncy than the others. And they pay attention to packaging too, the shoes boxes are made of recycled cardboard.


Good News Bagger Low Sneaker - Oatmeal Gum Good News Ace Sneaker - Neon Check Good News Ace Sneaker - Navy


And Good News even make use of the waste produced. They have recycled these unused materials during the production process and created sneakers and shoes for children in need.


Indeed, these canvas shoes are the Good News to the environment.



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