Editor’s Pick – forét Track Sweatshirt

The eco-friendly brand from Copenhagen, forét has released a new item – Track Sweatshirt. What’s special about forét is their fabric. All the sweaters are made with organic cotton that is extremely soft. And they try to minimize the harm brings to the environment when they produce these sweaters.


forét’s classic sweater features their logo on the chest. Yet, the letters were made of terry fabrics. And this time, they have renewed the designs with “rope”.



forét Track Sweatshirt - Tan


forét Track Sweatshirt - Tan



The logo “forét” is in handwritten form with a 3D embroidered rope.



forét Track Sweatshirt - Tan



Slow Down, Go Offline with forét.



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New Arrivals – forét Bait Sweatshirt

forét Bait Sweatshirt is one of their hottest item and they have been renewing the color every season. In FW19 collection, the Dark Green color has been released. In the previous blog, we have introduced that the nostalgic perch icon is about the designers’ childhood adventure.


forét Bait Sweatshirt - Dark Green

Dark Green

The sweatshirt is made of 100% Organic Cotton in Portugal. It has a soft and thick texture.


forét Bait Sweatshirt - Dark Green


The most eye-catching detail is no doubt the perch embroidery. It is made of 11 Colors and 45,000 Stitches.


forét Bait Sweatshirt - Dark Green



Also shop other colors of the Bait Sweat – White, Midnight Blue and Oatmeal:

forét Bait Sweatshirt - White

WhiteBait Sweatshirt

Midnight Blueforét Bait Sweatshirt - Oatmeal


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New Arrivals – forét Field Jacket

forét Field Jacket is one of their new items in the FW19 collection. Just like their other sustainable designs, it has an earth tone color – army green.

forét Field Jacket - Army



Just like a classic field jacket, it has 4 practical pockets and an inner pocket. The jacket has an outer layer of canvas touch to make it more durable. On the other hand, it also has a soft lining for greater comfort.


forét Field Jacket - Army


It comes with two embroidered velcro patches. You can replace them easily according to the color you prefer.


forét Field Jacket - Army


For details, it has self drawstring on waist which allows you to tighten the jacket up – to make it looks slimmer and also warmer.


forét Field Jacket - Army

And it has a double closure system – Both YKK zippers and buttons.

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Organic Sweater – forét Escape Sweatshirt

The Escape Sweatshirt is an organic sweater from forét. If you have been following us for a while, then probably you have heard about forét. It is a Danish clothing brand that makes use of organic cotton.  They work with a factory in Portugal to craft their collections. And today, we will talk about this organic sweater.


The Escape Sweatshirt is actually inspired by vintage bike wear. Thus it has contrasting stripes on the chest and an eye-catching color block.

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream - Dark Green

At the previous blog, we have talked about what is organic cotton. And this sweater is made with 100% organic cotton, which makes it extremely soft and smooth. As a result, it is very comfortable to wear with.


Furthermore, most of forét designs come from the co-founders’ childhood memory. And do you know the fact that Copenhagen is the world’s most bicycle friendly city? According to the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, 62% of the citizens choose cycling to go to work or school! No wonder cycling has become part of forét’s founders memory.

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream - Dark Green

Cream / Dark Green

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Midnight Blue - Cream

Midnight Blue / Cream

The organic sweater comes with two colors.

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream - Dark Greenforét Escape Sweatshirt - Midnight Blue - Cream

Both colors feature the orange stripes and have forét logo embroidered on the chest.

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Midnight Blue - Cream

The organic sweater also have raglan sleeves – which makes it looks more slim without hindering your movement.

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream / Dark Green

And they are on Sale now! Don’f forget to check out other organic products from forét.

Vintage Workwear – Canvas Shirt from forét

If you are a workwear lover then canvas shirt is no stranger to you. It is a good workwear as canvas is very durable and tear resistant. At the same time, the cotton also make it soft and comfortable to put on. In this article, you will know more about the canvas shirt from the Copenhagen based clothing brand – forét.


The Bear shirt is a classic collection from forét. It is a canvas work shirt with a vintage design. As a work shirt, it has a regular fit (not too tight or loose) to better flexibility when you are moving around. Besides, it also come with two large chest pockets.


Like the name forét itself (French word for “forest”), the brand loves to use earth tone. In the Bear shirt collections, they have applied a set of soft and bright color. They are easy to match with and will definitely lighten up your outfit.

forét Bear Shirt - Olive


forét Bear Shirt - Khaki


forét Bear Shirt - Dark Green

Dark Green

forét Bear Shirt - Ochre


forét Bear Shirt - Olive

If you take a closer look, it has a velcro patch with embroidered forét letters.

forét Bear Shirt - Khaki


If you are familiar with forét, then you will know they are a ECO friendly brand. The bear canvas shirt are made in Portugal with 100% organic cotton.

forét Bear Shirt - Ochre


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Organic T-Shirt from forét

This Summer, we have more organic T-shirt for you. One of our favourite Scandinavian brand – forét, has vitalized their classic log T-shirts with more colors.


forét has a mortal of “slow down and go offline”. In fact “forét” actually means forest in French. And it is inspired by the founders’ adventurous memory from the forest. Now let’s move on to see where their adventure lead us this Summer.

forét Log T Shirt - White - Blue


forét Log T Shirt - Dark Green - Copper


forét Log T Shirt - Navy/Olive


forét Log T Shirt - Black/Brick


forét Log T Shirt - White - Blue

The log T-shirt features elevated terry logo (forét). The terry letters has lifted up the minimal design by enhancing the texture. The popped up letters are also in contrary color to make the T-shirt more eye-catching. This season, forét introduces two more color – blue on white and orange on green.  The T-shirt itself is regular fit with a crew neck. It is an organic T-shirt as it is made of 100% organic cotton. And they are all crafted from a factory in Portugal.


forét products have a consistent clean design. However, they have injected their own elements to make them special. Thus, you can easily mix and match their clothing as your daily outfit. We love matching them with other Scandinavian brands as well.

Filippa K Terry Cotton Twill Shorts - Khaki

Above, we have paired the organic T-shirt with NN07’s miyagi shirt with shorts and sneaker from Filippa K.

Also, all these items are on sale now! Don’t miss the chance to take them home at a discounted price!

Organic Cotton 101

What is organic cotton? Why is it related to you? In this article, we will talk about some basic knowledge about it.


To make it simple, organic cotton refers to cotton that will bring less harm to the environments. It requires an organic production system. It must retain soil fertility without using toxic fertilizer. Furthermore, it must not contain genetically engineered seed for organic farming. When it comes to harvesting, farmers will use natural defoliation method like freezing temperature or water management instead of using toxic chemicals.


As a result, fabrics made with organic cotton are safe to wear as they do not contain toxic chemicals. Also, it makes them softer in texture. And you are also supporting fair trade by using organic cotton as it is required that organic farmers should be working in a safe and non-abusive environment with reasonable living wages.


In fact, there is a rise in the use of organic cotton. According to the survey conducted by Textile Exchange (2016), there is an average 10% yearly increase in production. Also, more than 40% of the surveyed brands choose to use organic cotton or a mix of organic cotton. They also include some of the big names in the market.


As for ANDJOY, we love organic products. Taking the Copenhagen based forét as example, their clothes are made with 100% organic cotton.

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream - Dark Green

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Cream - Dark Green

forét Escape Sweatshirt - Midnight Blue - Cream

Thus, their clothes have a really soft texture and is very comfortable to wear with.


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Corduroy Collection – forét Frog Shirts with Rove Shorts

forét Frog Shirts is one of their classic collections. forét like using earth tone to reflect its Eco-clothing and childhood adventure in the forest.

forét Frog Shirt - Army


forét Frog Shirt - Brick


forét Frog Shirt - Khaki



Those Frog Shirts are made in Portugal with 100% Cotton. They have a clean Scandinavian touch without any exaggerating designs. Yet, the quality of the fabrics already made a statement for the shirt.

forét Frog Shirt - Khaki

Also, if you take a closer look, you will find the brand name “forét” on the mother of pearl buttons.

forét Rove Shorts - Khaki


In Summer Spring 2019 collection, forét also introduces Rove Shorts, which has the same corduroy material and can be paired with the Frog Shirts.

forét Rove Shorts - Khaki

It has a logo embroidered on the corduroy fabric.

forét Rove Shorts - Khaki

And it has elastic waistband, which makes you feel more comfortable. And the black color is also a good choice for you to match easily.

forét Rove Shorts - Black 1

If you want to know more about other collections from forét, you can refer to our previous article!

Sustainable Clothing – forét Bait Sweatshirt

Sustainable clothing refers to clothes that bring less harm to the environment. In fact, a lot of Scandinavian brands have put effort on developing sustainable clothing. The common way to produce sustainable clothing is using eco friendly fabrics. And of course, let’s not forget the importance of slow fashion – clothes that have a long lasting designs and never get outdated. You can refer to our previous article to know more about sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Clothing

forét is a Copenhagen based clothing brand that produce sustainable clothing. The founders are two childhood friends, Jeppe and Jesper. Their design has a clean Scandinavian touch and they inject their childhood adventurous memories into the designs. And of course, they use organic cottons that meet with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).


You may recognise their signature “Perch” icon, which is embroidered on the sweat.

forét Perch T Shirt - Midnight Blue

The nostalgic perch icon is very meaningful because it is a memory of the designers’ childhood adventure. Also, it represents the duality of calmness and excitement. Wearing this sweatshirt means that you are ready to go offline from the modern world and start your adventure.


Moreover, they are made in Portugal with 100% organic cotton.

forét Bait Sweatshirt - White

Looking for sustainable clothing? Shop for the new forét Bait Sweatshirt – White now!

UPCOMING – forét

We are now introducing you another Scandinavian brand forét, which is from Copenhagen, Denmark! forét was founded in 2014 by Jeppe and Jesper, two childhood friends.

The name forét is actually a French word which means forest. This name suits forét’s designs very well since they use a lot of Earth tone on their clothes, which has a strong feeling of nature. Indeed, this is the message Jeppe and Jasper would like to deliver – try to slow down your pace, stay away from the internet and go explore the nature with your own eyes.

forét lifestyle

We love forét also because of the quality of the clothes. They have a Scandinavian clean touch and also crafted with excellent fabrics, including organic cottons that meet with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). You will find their signature T-Shirts and Hoodies with forét ‘s logo crafted in terrycloth, which makes it very special and eye catching.
We would very much like to share forét excellent collections with you.ANDJOY Store is proud to announce that we have become forét’s first Asian stockist. You will find forét 2018 winter fall collections available on ANDJOY Store very soon! Subscribe now and be the first one to enjoy forét’s way of life!

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