forét Bait Sweatshirt is one of their hottest item and they have been renewing the color every season. In FW19 collection, the Dark Green color has been released. In the previous blog, we have introduced that the nostalgic perch icon is about the designers’ childhood adventure.


forét Bait Sweatshirt - Dark Green

Dark Green

The sweatshirt is made of 100% Organic Cotton in Portugal. It has a soft and thick texture.


forét Bait Sweatshirt - Dark Green


The most eye-catching detail is no doubt the perch embroidery. It is made of 11 Colors and 45,000 Stitches.


forét Bait Sweatshirt - Dark Green



Also shop other colors of the Bait Sweat – White, Midnight Blue and Oatmeal:

forét Bait Sweatshirt - White

WhiteBait Sweatshirt

Midnight Blueforét Bait Sweatshirt - Oatmeal


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