If you think a plain cotton tee is a bit too ordinary for you, how about a terry fabric tee? A terry fabric tee refers to tee made with terry cloth fabric. They are actually cotton, but they are woven with long loops that makes them have a “towel” feel. Thus, they are very soft and gentle on your skin. And they are very breathable and have good water absorbance.


In fact, terry fabric tee has gained its popularity recently as they are comfortable to wear with and features a more relax style. At ANDJOY, we also have terry fabric tee comes from different brands. Let’s check them out below:

Stevenson Overall Co. Terry Cloth Beach Shirt - Ivory


The latest arrivals come from Stevenson Overall Co. It has narrow stripe patterns with the graphic of a palm tree. Although the terry fabric makes printing become a hard job, Stevenson Overall Co didn’t disappoint us. The printing is in great details and you can even find “Stevenson Overall Co”‘s logo under the palm tree.  And this made in Japan t-shirt also comes with a chest pocket.

Polar Skate Co. Striped Terry Surf T Shirt - Green


Stripes never gets old. This terry fabric tee is from Polar Skate Co. It features mixed stripes of dark and light green. And it has “Polar” logo embroidery on the left chest. It has a drop shoulder surf fitting. And it is made cotton and polyester, which further enhance its flexibility.

Polar Skate Co. Terry Pullover - Sky Blue

Sky Blue

Also come from Polar Skate Co., this terry pullover has a boxy fit with a chest pocket. And more interestingly, it has a very soft and eye-catching sky blue color.

Polar Skate Co. Terry Pullover - Dark Green

Dark Green

And don’t forget about the dark green color as well.


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