Have you ever heard of the term seamless t-shirt? A seamless t-shirt refers to t-shirt that is made with a single and continuous knitting process. It eliminates any seams in the manufacturing process. Thus, it provides better fit and comfort. However, producing a seamless t-shirt also requires more advanced equipment and skills. As a circular knitting machine is needed to knit the fabric in tubular form.


Seamless clothing has the advantages of all way stretch, which gives you more elasticity and freedom of movement. Also, they are usually softer and more breathable. And they are also more environmental friendly as the process of production generates less waste and pollution.


And at ANDJOY, you can find seamless t-shirt from Stevenson Overall Co., a Japanese vintage clothing maker.


Stevenson Overall Co. Graphic Pocket T-Shirt Rising Sun - White


Stevenson Overall Co. Graphic T-Shirt Diamond - White


Stevenson Overall Co. Graphic T-Shirt Diamond - Heather Gray

Heather gray

These seamless t-shirts are all made in Japan and use 100% cotton. They have a comfortable slim cutting.

Furthermore, they have a very soft touch and the fabric itself is very thick.

The rising sun graphic on the pocket tee is designed by Mike Hodis – designer of famous American causal wear brands Rising Sun Jeans and Roundabout.

On the other hand, the diamond graphic tee also reflects the famous design from Runabout – arranging their logo in a diamond shape.

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