Story mfg. is an Eco-friendly brand from Britain. The label is famous for applying organic fabric to craft their clothes and dye them with leaves, bark, roots, heartwood and fruit.


story mfg

Photo source: Story mfg.


Using natural plants and resources to dye the products has made Story mfg.’s products even more colorful. They have  Madder (Scarlet / red / peach / orange / pink), Babul Bark, Myrobalan (Yellow, Khaki, Black) and more other variations.


story mfg scarves

Photo source: Story mfg.

The Piece Scarf is no doubt a hot item. They have created this special pattern by hand crochet and they renew the color combination of the scarf every season.

You can shop their whole collection on Story mfg. website,  which provide worldwide shipping.

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