In the previous article, we have talked about 45R. And this time , we are going to introduce you another famous Japanese denim label – OrSlow, which also shares the idea of slow fashion.


In fact, not only their designs are long lasting, but also their fabrics. OrSlow’s products are hand crafted carefully. Most of their products are made of 100% cotton and their jeans are 13.5 Oz selvedge denim.


Perhaps their most classic jeans collection are IVY FIT 107 and STANDARD 105.

orslow 105

Photo Source: OrSlow


Model 105 was designed in 2008. It took them three years of trial and error to finalize this jean. They feature a faded indigo effect that is unique and special.


orslow 107

Photo Source: OrSlow


Model 107 was designed in 2009 right after the 105. It shares similar designs as the 105 but it has a straight leg with regular fit.

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