Apple has just launched the new AirPods Pro. There are quite a few updates that differentiate it from the old AirPods.


First of all, the AirPods Pro is more custom fit – it comes with 3 silicone tips for better comfort and fitting. And it features Active Noise Cancellation which helps to block out background noise and enhance your sound experience. All of the background noise is detected by an outward facing microphone. Alternatively, the AirPods Pro also provides a “transparency” mode – which allows you to hear what’s surrounding you.

airpods pro

Photo Source: Apple

The Wireless Charging Case can be charged by a Qi-certified charging mat or a Lightning port. The AirPods Pro can support 4.5 hours of listening time with one full charge. And with the help of the charging case, it can delivery over 24 hours of listening time.

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