Cross body bag or a fanny pack had a boom in the 1980’s. Back in time, a fanny pack was more than a mom’s accessories. Wearing it was necessary to stay trendy, for both men and women. It was designed to keep you “hand-free” when wearing it. And most of them was made with leather and bulky pockets. When it comes to the 90’s, it had its down time and wearing a fanny pack was considered as nerdy.

The 2000’s

More than ten years ago, different brands try to bring back the trend of cross body bag. They have eliminated the bulky shape and they are loved by rappers and celebrities. Furthermore, people doesn’t wear them on the waist anymore. Instead, they wear it across the shoulder – where the idea of cross body bag really kicks in. It helps to reduce the pockets you need and keep your outfit neat and minimal.

Polar Skate Co. Cordura Mini Dealer Bag - Red

Polar Skate Co.

The Modern Cross Body Bag

When it comes to the 2010’s, cross body bag appears to have its boom again. Even big names like Gucci, Coach, Maison Margiela and many other brands are launching their cross body bag. And they are not necessarily in leather anymore, thanks to technology advancement. You can find them in technical nylon, corduraand even organic cotton. And you can also find them in different sizes, from a small dealer bag to a medium size cross body bag. People wear them for daily use or a travel accessories. Indeed, they have the functionality of keeping you “hand-free” yet fashionable, which is exactly the reason why they have become the trend again.

WANT Les Essentiels Tacoma Waist Pack - Navy/Tobacco

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