When it comes to Autumn, you may want to put on a thin denim jacket. Indeed, a denim jacket with vintage touch can be the best outfit for the season of fall. This time, we will talk about some simple mix and match suggestions to master a denim jacket.

Hiroki 1807 Blue Denim 2

NN07 Hiroki 1807 Denim Jacket


We love a minimal outfit. And perhaps a white t-shirt will just do its work. It helps to shine the outfit with a contrasting color without stealing the attention. And you can match it with a subtle khaki pants as well.

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash - Off White

Kuro Loose Denim Big Jacket One Wash


And don’t be afraid to even wear a denim shirt as a base. But just keep in mind that you should choose denim with different color or wash. And of course, a denim jacket doesn’t need to be indigo. It can be white, black or even other colors. Try to leave the shirt untucked to create more layers for the outfit.

Stevenson Overall Co

Are you a vintage wear lover? A hunting vest will complete your denim jacket with a vintage outlook. It gives you a sturdy shape and keep you warm at the same time.

Kuro Sulfur Dyed NIDOM Training Shorts - Black

Fancy a more causal look? Then you should look for a denim jacket with oversized or drop shoulder cutting. Kuro Denim Coach Jacket is made of Zimbabwe cotton with a soft touch. And it is middle sleeves, which will not hinder your movement and is perfect as a causal wear.

Kuro Denim Short Sleeve Coach Jacket - Indigo

And you can always wear a denim-on-denim outfit. It means matching it with a denim pants. However, always choose something with a slightly different wash and color.


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