If you are looking for a pair of kicks with minimal designs, Filippa K sneaker is one of your best choices. It has a clean design and is made of premium material. With Filippa K’s thickened removable insole, they are also very comfortable to wear with.


If you are not familiar about Filippa K, they are one of Swedish leading fashion brands. It is famous for its minimal design – which is timeless and never gets old. On the other hand, they also care about the environment so they strive to make their products sustainable. These include fair trade, using organic material, reduce waste and even recycle used clothing. If you would like to know more, head back to our previous article for more details!

Filippa K Sneakers

Limestone/Navy/White Mix

This Filippa K sneaker is made in Portugal. Filippa K has been working with the factory for a while to manufacture their products. Also, the idea of this sneaker comes from vintage basketball low top sneakers.

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker - Limestone/Navy/White Mix

The upper features calf leather and is made with tumbled cow nappa. Moreover, it has 3 cm sole height. The lining and the way the shape they combine the leather is a signature of this sneaker. It forms a unique pattern that is recognizable. And this soft limestone/navy mix color has strengthened the pattern even more.

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker Limestone-Navy-White Mix

This Filippa K sneaker also has perforated toe vamp for better breathing.

Filippa K Robert Low Mix Sneaker - Limestone/Navy/White Mix

Furthermore, it comes with Filippa K’s removable insole. It make the sneaker more comfortable. And you can remove it and change to any insole you prefer if needed.

Filippa K Sneakers


It is also available in white – the classic color. It comes with a beige leather patch at the back.

And these sneakers are now in summer sale! And don’t forget to check out other sneakers from Filippa K as well.